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Sippy Cup Sillyness

A couple of weeks ago we bought Babyice a new sippy cup. We allowed him to pick it himself and he chose a green Nuby sippy cup with tractors and digger loaders on it. I was most chuffed with his new sippy cup and we decided that we would let him drink *everything* out of it and no more bottles would be offered. In fact, he asked for the sippy cup time and time again. Washing bottles is getting really tiring! After using this cup for a week I took it back to Dischem where we bought it. The bloody ‘non-spill’ cup would leak terribly every time we tried to use it. I hated it. I even flung it across a room once or twice out of frustration. Thank goodness for durable plastic! We arrive at the client services counter, explain the problem and are redirected to till number 1 who handles returns. Till number 1 was unmanned though, so the cashier at till number 2 called us over in order to help us. Note: Not the cashier who usually deals with returns, another, random cashier. I explain that the stupid cup leaks all the time. Rudi wanders off to the sippy cup aisle to see if he can find a replacement. In the interim the cashier removes the seal from the sippy cup, replaces it and says she can’t see anything wrong. I told her it’s all very good and well when there is no water in the sippy cup. Conveniently she had a bottle of water at the till and she put some in the sippy cup. Low and behold! Not a leak in sight! I ask her to take it apart again and show me how she did it. She does. No leaks! Then I insist on trying to do it myself, under supervision…and wouldn’t you know it…NO LEAKS! By this time Rudi has come back with the news that there aren’t any other sippy cups, which is fine, because it turns out it was a user problem. Multiple users, mind you. Rudi then tried with some instructions and voila! No leaks!   We were so embarrassed!  Since then we have not had one incident of leakages and we love the sippy cup so much that I bought another one for him today. Same brand and same type of cup, with different pictures on. The only other complaint I have about the cup is that the rubber seal that removes from the lid seems to retain the smell/taste of whatever was in it. We would make him chocolate milk and after washing the sippy cup we would give him Oros in it. After that if you smell the rubber it smells like orange chocolate. I have managed to get it out by soaking the sippy cup in Jik. This is the actual reason I bought another one, so we could use one for milk and one for cooldrink/juice. Picture of the sippy cup:



Sippy Cup



Our housekeeper didn’t pitch this weekend. Apparently she had a really bad headache. Her sister works at the flat across the way from us and she didn’t pitch either, but a replacement sister was sent for our neighbour. Out of desperation I asked him if would ask her to pitch in with just the ironing on our side for R60.00. We hate the ironing. She said she would see what time she finished at his place and luckily she was able to come do the ironing. I went to another La Leche League meeting on Saturday, which was very useful and informative again. Babyice and Rudi went to play on the beach while I was there. After that we headed home, to be faced with the dirty house, with neat little piles of clothing that had been ironed. I was exhausted, sore and moody. Badly so. I was also suffering from the most awful hayfever which only made me even more cranky. I feel so helpless…so many things require me to bend down and I feel so heavy and uncomfortable doing any kind of housework is strenuous right now. I know that Rudi resents me for not helping, I would feel the same if I were in his shoes, despite the reason for him not helping. I actually discussed this with him yesterday. He didn’t deny it. He really does pull his weight around the house and of late I have not been able to. On Sunday morning I felt more refreshed and not yet exhausted and sore. He started cleaning and I pitched in by doing the vacuuming and folding laundry. It made me feel a little better and maybe it made him feel better too.



We intended to put the Christmas tree up this weekend, but discovered that the tree was too far back in the ceiling to be taken out without a ladder. Poo. We’ve asked our downstairs neighbour to organize a ladder for us so we can get the Christmas tree out and put it up. Babyice still quite keen to have his Christmas tree out!



Babyice has been snotty since before the weekend. I’ve had a stuffy nose all weekend, but attributed it to the hayfever…until this morning. This morning at work I realized I also have sore ears/throat and a headache. All signs that I am, in fact, sick. The symptoms aren’t too bad at the moment. Touch wood. I hope that I’ll be able to recover on my own without having to visit the doctor. Babyice is still quite snotty and some of it is travelling down to his chest resulting in a yucky cough. There are a couple of sick kids at the day mother and I suspect that is where he picked up the bug. I just wish he wasn’t so into sharing 😛