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Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice and Glass Pink

Oh how I loved and hated this mani! I decided I wanted to use my panda decals that I bought from luckystarstyle. I thought they would be fitting for the Valentine’s Day theme because the pandas are holding hearts. I also wanted to use my new Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice and Sinful Colors Glass Pink that I had bought and figured out a way to use all these things together. Once I had taken out the polishes and decals I was inspired and pulled out my stud wheel as well. That is when the struggling began!


I started off with a base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice on my thumb, index and pinky nails. It applied well and looked nice. I decided to accent all the Sugar N Spice  nails by adding a black stud near my cuticle. I absolutely LOVED how this looked. My troubles were with my accent nails. At first I tried to paint multiple coats of the Sinful Colors Glass Pink to opacity. Fail. 4 coats later the colour was still not opaque. After I added a coat of Seche Vite to dry it the polish was really thick on my nail and looked it too. Ordinary Misfit warned me that Glass Pink was really sheer and mentioned that it looked nice layered over Tip Top Melting Marshmallows. So I took off the 4 coats of Glass Pink and repainted my base coat with two coats of Melting Marshmallows. I painted one coat of Glass Pink over the Melting Marshmallows and sealed it in with a coat of Seche Vite to dry it quickly so I could apply my decals. I am not usually one for redoing nails when I stuff up. I would rather try to ‘fix’ whatever is wrong, but in this case I had to redo and my patience (as well as Rudi’s) was running out. The kids were getting restless and I needed to get done. So I decided that my nails were dry enough to apply my decals. I was wrong. I have used these decals before on nails that had been painted the previous day and had zero problems with them. I really think the issues I had were because my nails were not properly dry. I applied the decal, but when I stuck it down the polish was still soft underneath so I could only press down on the middle of my nail. Pressing it down over the curve of my nail would have been catastrophic. I rationalized that the decal would soften when I applied the water and stick over the curve. It did, but I still had to apply some pressure. Then this bright spark painted another coat of Seche Vite to get everything dry so I could attend to the whiny husband children. Somehow my top coat formed a big bubble on top of my nail. I think this was me trying to ‘float’ my brush (where the actual brush doesn’t touch your nail, just the top coat) and having too much top coat on the brush. At this point I was definitely not willing to redo them AGAIN, so I licked my finger and pressed down on the bubbles to make them more flat. Wah! I noticed later that this caused pink polish to ‘leak’ onto the decals. Oops.


I loved the idea of this mani. If I had not messed up the accent nails in execution I’m certain I would have loved it in its entirety. The Sugar N Spice nails with the black studs just tied everything in so nicely with the black of the pandas and the hearts the pandas are holding. I often find I learn something regarding technique when I do a mani. First lesson here, trust Ordinary Misfit when she tells you something is sheer! Second lesson, don’t do decals on nails that are not 100% dry. Third lesson, hurry up and wait! Fourth lesson, don’t push around bubbles (which there won’t be if you learnt anything from lessons two and three).


I took a few pictures in different light for you. You’ll notice the polish leak over the decal on my ring finger. I nearly didn’t want to put these on the blog, but in all honestly, they are cute and I thought maybe someone else could learn from my mistakes 🙂







What do you think? Other than the polish leak the decals don’t look too bad in the photos. I definitely learned some lessons!