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Sickies :(

It seems that the reality is that I will not be blogging a lot while I’m at home. I’ll certainly pick it up again when I’m back at work. I just really don’t have the time or energy, despite having lots to say and talk about.

Babyice seems to be doing okay. He is sick at the moment. It all started when a friend’s child coughed on me and I got sick. I then got better and Rudi became ill. Rudi had it really bad and needed antibiotics and was booked off work for almost a week. Rudi then got better and I proceeded to get ill again. This time it did not skip Babyice and on Saturday he was a regular snot head. He literally had snot running out of his nose. Poor baba. His nose seems a bit better now, but he has a chesty sounding cough and a rash on his face and neck. He doesn’t have a fever – thank goodness! He looks horrible and I really don’t know what to do except keep an eye on his temperature and let his body battle the baddies. He is going to the pediatrician on Thursday for his 4 month check up anyway…so we’ll get him to check things out if he isn’t better by then.

And duty calls again!

I’m still alive. We’re all okay.