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Sick and frustrated

I have been sick all week. I thought that the pain in my left ear was somehow related to pain in my gums which I get when I am pregnant, but it would seem I was mistaken. On Monday I got an inkling that my throat might be getting sore and by Tuesday morning I woke up feeling horrid. Sore throat, sore ears, headache and congested. Obviously the ear ache I had earlier on was an indication that I was getting sick. It was so bad that I couldn’t stand to wear my headset at work and the sound of the phone ringing or dialling in my ear made me want to hit the roof.  They are still sensitive, but much better than they were earlier in the week. I’ve been popping Echinaforce in copious amounts since my throat first started to get sore (within the daily dosage) and while the ear ache and sore throat have not gotten any worse, the snot and headaches remain. Today I have had to start applying Zambuk to my poor tortured nose. I am going to have trouble sleeping this weekend since I can no longer continue using Illiadin to help me breathe at night. I have already been using it since Monday. I am also working this weekend, so it will be loads of fun to be tired, sick and working. I have been sneezing at my desk all day. For some reasons pregnancy magnifies my allergies. I actually only developed allergies when I was pregnant with Babyice and they were actually getting a lot better until I got pregnant again. Hopefully after I have this baby they will start to improve. In the interim I’ll just have to suck it up, literally.


Tonight Leebeesa is babysitting for us and we will be going to a 40th birthday bash for one of our Twitter friends. I was feeling very poorly at work yesterday, I ended up leaving early to go home. I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel well enough today to go out tonight, but the nap that I managed to slip in yesterday afternoon and the 1000 mg of Vitamin C I took yesterday seem to have me feeling a bit better.  I doubt that we’ll stay very late, but it will be nice to see our Twitter friends again. Since Babyice was born we haven’t attended many tweet ups and have literally not seen some of them for almost two years. There will also be a lot of people from Twitter that I look forward to meeting for the first time.


The domestic is supposed to be coming again tomorrow. I just had a chat with the day mother and she said that she had complained that it is quite far for her to walk to get to our place, which is strange because she told Rudi it wasn’t that far. Also, she is going to be paid more than she is where she currently works. Rudi is going to give her a call and check if he can pick her up down the road before I leave for work. I guess Rudi will need to give her the talk about what she needs to get done before she leaves. I haven’t started doing the washing yet, which I really should of started to do already, but I’ll put some on as soon as I get home. Trying to find a good, trustworthy domestic is just SO HARD. If things don’t work out with this one, I am going to speak to the guy that lives across the way from us. I see he has a domestic as well and she obviously doesn’t have transport issues. This is so frustrating. I will not give up though. I need help and I am willing to pay for it. I just have to find someone who will do what she is meant to and won’t steal. Not an easy task.