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I was only going to go to the doctor today, but luckily I called yesterday to make an appointment. Turns out he is away on course today and tomorrow, but managed to fit me in yesterday already.


Remember I was sick in May? I had flu which turned into bronchitis and then developed a secondary infection. At the time my doctor was in America (also attending a conference) and I was treated by another doctor in his practice. What a quack. I had to go back to him 3 times. Only the 3rd time I went back to him did he take me really seriously and stopped trying to treat me with over the counter meds. At that point I was so ill I required antibiotics, cortisone injections and and and…


Since being so sick in May my chest had never quite been right. It would randomly close up and start wheezing. So loudly that Rudi could hear it and it prevented him from sleeping. It would clear itself up pretty quickly though and would be fine for a day or two and since I couldn’t predict when it would close up, I didn’t go to the doctor.


It was all downhill from Monday though…my chest closed up and didn’t open again. By yesterday it had gotten worse instead of better and I decided to go to the doctor (and deplete my last bit of medical aid with that appointment).


My doctor suspects I have low level asthma (but wrote bronchitis on my doctor’s certificate). He immediately booked me for physiotherapy which includes being nebulized with cortisone beforehand. He also gave me a nasal spray and pump which I need to use twice a day. The medication alone was R670.00 (and completely safe for baby). Add to that two doctor’s appointments (I have to see him again on Monday after work) – R500.00 and 3 sessions of physio – R210.00.  It never rains, but it pours. I only had enough money left in my medical aid for one doctor’s appointment so the rest is out of pocket – not to mention all my upcoming gynae appointments and tests required.


After physio yesterday I started coughing violently and it did seem that the fluid on my chest started to come out rather than just move around. The physiotherapist said it did sound a bit better today, which means we will probably be able to avoid antibiotics as my doctor is trying to do. I really hope this sorts my chest out once and for all. I told my doctor about how my chest has been giving me problems since May and he reckons it really never got better properly. That’s one thing I love about my doctor. He sorts you out properly the first time.


Almost 6 years ago I had an asmathic infection and he prescribed the same pump and physio, it worked. I’m positive it will work again. Last time I was able to take antibiotics, but since it’s already getting better I’m hoping it won’t be necessary.


Of course my boss is being an ass about me being off. I let him know yesterday that I had been to the doctor and had been booked off for the rest of the week. His reply was ‘What is the reason?’. I told him and he didn’t respond. No, ok, fine, fuck you, nothing. I am the 3rd person in my team off sick this week though. I have been coughing rather badly since the start of the week and it is evident I really am sick, so I’m not bothered!


To health!