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Sherbet Angel, Your Present Required

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Hi everyone. Welcome to a brand new week! I am hoping that this week will be better than last week. With almost the whole household coming down with bronchitis it was a tough one.  The last time I got bronchitis I took so long to get better and was so miserable I even hated all the nail art I did. Let’s not go there again! I couldn’t decide whether I liked this mani or not, but it was one of those I fell in love with more and more while I was wearing it. Let me show you…


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted two coats of Tip Top Sherbet Angel on all of my nails. This polish is nice and pigmented. A beautiful pink creme. I think some people may get away with one coat, but I needed two for a nice even finish. It applied really well. I used China Glaze Your Present Required to create a glitter gradient on my ring and middle nails. I was going to try and pick out studs to wear by laying different studs which I purchased from Born Pretty Store* on my nails to see what would compliment the polish and glitter best. What I didn’t realize was that my polish was still tacky. I didn’t apply a top coat yet and as soon as I dropped the stud onto my nail it was stuck. I couldn’t move it without risking ruining the polish underneath…so what you see is the first thing I tried. I thought these pastel peach coloured studs would suit the glitter nicely and I don’t hate how it turned out at all. So even though it was an accident, it isn’t too bad. The result:




How gorgeous is this glitter?? I absolutely love it! I’m not sure the gradient came out well on both nails…I’ll try harder next time 😛 I really love this pink though and the combination of all these things. What do you think?

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