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Second Opinion

So after Rudi expressed concern we decided to take Babyice to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist for a second opinion.

We went to see her yesterday and she put a scope down his throat through his nose to confirm her suspicions and those of the pediatrician. The ENT gave me the option of taking a walk since the scope thing is quite traumatic for the mothers. I went to the loo and when I got back I could hear him screaming blue murder from the waiting room. It took everything out of me not to run in there. I might have klapped her. A good idea that I wasn’t present. The diagnosis is as follows: The skin that covers the bone in your throat that opens and closes when you breathe is immature or ‘loose’. This gets sucked in when he breathes and makes a noise. It is very close to the vocal chords. This is not dangerous and he will outgrow it, probably around 12 – 18 months of age. The only time they will surgically intervene is if he isn’t feeding well and is not thriving. This is most definitely not the case! He almost weighs 5 kilos now and is already up a nappy size!

She did ask me if he stops breathing when he sleeps, which he does. She is concerned he might have a bit of sleep apnea and conferred with the pediatrician. They advised us to get an Angel Care sound and movement monitor. There is a pad that goes under the mattress that detects movement. If he stops breathing an alarm goes off. It costs R1400 and we just bought a monitor last week. I’m going to gift the monitor we bought to Nellie. I looked at getting a second hand one, but the one good lead we got had already sold hers, so we might have to pay full price.

Baba also went for his first immunizations yesterday. 3 injections and two sets of drops in the mouth. Again I was given the option of taking a walk and I headed for the hills. I’m such a wimp. Poor daddy stays for all the junk parts. He says he handled it like a champ. He ran a *small* fever last night, but some panado syrup sorted him right out and he seems to be back to normal now 🙂

There’s so much stuff I want to blog about, but I really barely log on with my laptop. I should make a concerted effort.

It’s Rudi’s 30th birthday today!!!! Sheesh. I can’t believe it. Time is seriously flying. Babyice is already 6 weeks old too!

I got my first big smile and gurgle yesterday…on the day he turned 6 weeks. The first PROPER smile…accompanied by a gurgle. Laughing much? 🙂 I really need to get my ass into gear and start his memory book!

I’m going to keep my laptop out and set up…so hopefully I’ll get around to blogging more and using my full data bundle!!!!