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Rushing and Security

Yesterday was such a mad rush. Rudi came to pick me up over an hour late from work as he had to take some of his colleagues home because of the taxi/bus strike. You think the strike won’t affect you if you have transport, but it does affect you.


So when we got home it was a mad rush. The washing didn’t finish in time for me to put it in the tumble dryer before I went to church, so it’s till lying in the tumble dryer. I only got to do one load and didn’t even have a chance to shower before church. Suddenly it was a mad rush to get the house looking like something. Housework can be so darn stressful! I packed the dishwasher as well, but by the time I got home it was already 20:30 and I still had to shower and wash my hair. I usually go to bed around 20:30…so I was already tired. I decided to chuck the washing in the tumble dryer, shower, wash and dry my hair and get straight into bed. Tonight I think I’ll tackle the ironing that is in the tumble dryer right now and some more washing. Rudi will be happy to unpack the dishwasher, vacuum and mop. I’m lucky to have a husband who pitches in with housework, really.


I also realize now what a star my housekeeper is. Obviously it’s her job and she’s good at it, but she really does it well. She also likes to hide things and doesn’t like dusting. What I love about her is that she does things out of her own, like re-packing cupboards, washing the windows, etc. You don’t have to ask, unless you want it done at a specific time for whatever reason. She hates boxes. If anything is in a box, she’ll make a plan to put it in a different container (i.e. cereal). I asked her about this once and she said that boxes attract fish moths. I didn’t know that and I’ve never seen a fish moth in my house. Perhaps she is the reason for that.


Right. So yesterday when we arrived home the security guard at our complex handed us a letter. The letter said the following:


Dear Resident


We would like to bring to your attention that there is a group of men targeting the area. They have recently breached the perimeter by removing parts of the boundary wall to gain access undetected as the fence alarm was not triggered.


Please be extra vigilant and remember to call the security office if you see anything suspicious at all.


yada yada yada


Please assist us as your security service by doing the following:


  • Report all suspicious behaviour irrespective of how small it is perceived to be.
  • Lock your windows, garage doors and vehicles at all times.
  • Ensure that your alarm is set when asleep or out [Ed: we don’t have one]
  • Ensure that you have burglar bars or security gates where access is possible


Needless to say I was scared out of my wits being home alone last night while Rudi was out playing darts. I’m already paranoid, this didn’t help. We’re on the second story and the only window that really poses a threat is the kitchen window as it is the only one that has ground beneath it for you to stand on to gain access. We requested from our landlady before that we she put a burglar bar there as we leave the window open during the day and at night so that Amber can come and go as she pleases. I e-mailed my landlady today (attaching a copy of the letter) and re-iterated our request and stressed to her that I am home alone sometimes and concerned for my safety. She has responded to say she understands my concern and will get quotations for a burglar bar there as soon as possible.  At least we already have a security gate on the front door.


I hope it happens soon! I would feel a lot better. Also, we have been unable to insure our household contents because there is no burglar bar on that particular window. I would have much more peace of mind if our goods were insured and there was some kind of resistance for someone trying to violate our home.