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Rudi Ruiner

So, just as sleep training was going beautifully, Rudi decided to sabotage me yet again. On Tuesday night Babyice woke up. I don’t think Rudi realized it wasn’t time to get up yet and he went to fetch Babyice, but it was only 02:40! He tried to sneak Babyice into bed, but I got up, took him from him and put him back into his bed. He continued to cry and I walked away and closed the door. Having seen us though, he was hysterical and Rudi got up and went to go and lie in bed with him. At this point Rudi and I had already had a fight about something else and I thought he could just stay there for the night for all I cared. He came to bed about 30 minutes later.

On Wednesday night Rudi was at darts and Babyice slept through. Curious that. Last night Babyice woke up, got out of bed and screamed at his door. I told Rudi to leave him. He knows where his bed is and can get back into it. After about 10 minutes I got up and was quite willing to see through the tantrum. I closed Babyice’s door as to minimize the sound of the screaming. This didn’t stop Rudi from coming in. As soon as Babyice saw Rudi it was ‘Daddeeeeeeee’. Rudi took him from me and went to lie in bed with him again. I told him I refuse to get up for Babyice anymore since he insists on sabotaging my sleep training and that I hope he is prepared to get up every night from now on. If he won’t listen, he must feel. I refuse to sleep train again. It’s his problem now.

I’m sitting typing this post on my Blackberry as we’re driving to Montague Springs for a weekend away with the in laws. It is our first time going away with Babyice. I was apprehensive about it. I thought I might forget to pack something important, but I’ve let it go now that we’re on the road what’s done is done and what is forgotten will need to be purchased. The long road trip is also nerve wracking. Babyice has never taken such a long drive and he might act up and after that accident we saw and the more recent death of a family of 4 in another accident, I’m nervous on the roads.

I’m sure we’ll have a good weekend though and I’ll definitely blog about it when we get back! 🙂