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Rubybox Nailed It! Clifton Shores Trio Swatches & Art

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Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was action packed since we had our end of year staff function at a theme park, but that is another blog post altogether. Today I have some Rubybox Nailed It! polishes to show you. I was incredibly excited when Rubybox approached me since I’ve used a few of their polishes before and really liked them. I actually have straight up swatches to show you today, can you believe it? I received the Clifton Shores trio to review. Let me show you the swatches of the colours I received first ๐Ÿ™‚

Rubybox Nailed It! Plan For The Fuchsia

ย Plan For The Fuchsia is a bright pink polish. I would dare say it is a neon. It had the consistency of a jelly. Pictured are 3 coats with top coat.

Rubybox Nailed It! For The Chill Of It

Next up is For The Chill Of It. I am not a fan of blues, but isn’t this a gorgeous creme?! I like this one a lot! Pictured above are 2 coats and top coat.

Rubybox Nailed It! Pretty Minted

Last, but certainly not least is Pretty Minted. This is a gorgeous mint creme shade. There is a soft silver shimmer that you can see in the bottle, but it doesn’t really show up on the nail. Pictured above are 3 coats with top coat.

All of the formulas on these polishes were great. I had no problems applying them at all and they dried to my satisfaction too. This has been my overall experience with Rubybox Nailed It! polishes though, so I wasn’t surprised and it is the reason I was excited to have more to play with.

Rubybox challenged me to create a nail art look with the colours provided. I was stumped, but eventually came up with something that I was happy with. I started off with my usual base coat. I painted 3 coats of Pretty Minted on my thumb, middle and ring nails. On my index nail I painted 3 coats of Plan For The Fuchsia and 2 coats of For The Chill Of It on my pinkie. I used Plan For The Fuchsia, For The Chill Of It, a white and green polish to paint the roses on my accent nails and sealed it all in with a matte top coat. The result:
Rubybox Nailed It! Nail Art

I think this turned out really cute! I really love how these polishes look matte as well! I was eyeing the other trios, but am well pleased with this one. I never would have purchased For The Chill Of It myself because I have hang ups about blues, especially dark ones, but I am really glad I have it. So beautiful! If you want to see the attempt the nail art I did that I didn’t like, click here.

Which one is your favourite? Be sure to let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

These polishes are available for purchase from the Rubybox website. You can purchase them individually, or as a trio in which case you will receive a hefty discount. Check out Rubybox on their social media channels:

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Thanks for reading!