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Rockin’ Rainbow Sherbet

A few weeks ago I ordered myself some Dollish Polish. Dollish is an indie brand from the USA which has shipping costs that I can live with. This is the first true indie that I own. I simply couldn’t wait to try it!


I started of with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted 3 coats of Dollish Polish Rockin’ Rainbow Sherbet on all my nails. I sealed it in with a coat of Seche Vite. I must say that the top coat made a big difference to the appearance of the polish. I really preferred it with a top coat. Yup. It was that easy! The results:






As if that was not gorgeous enough, this polish looks awesome under a UV light too! I don’t have a black light, but Accio Lacquer does and I’ve included a pic of her swatch under a black light for your viewing pleasure:


Image courtesy of Accio Lacquer
Image courtesy of Accio Lacquer


I’ve never wanted a black light so badly in my life! To top it off, this polish wore really well. I had it on for an extra day and could barely even detect tip wear. Really impressed with my first indie!


I was fortunate enough to receive some items from NailCandi to review for you guys. I first mentioned them in my CosmoPolished post, which is where I met Michell and was first introduced to the brand. Let me tell you a little more about them. An extract from their press release:


Finally, gorgeous nail adornments and jewelry to perfect every manicure or help immediately with a broken nail emergency. SA’s newest Nail Art Brand, NailCandi® has nailed it again with their newest manicure jewels and Nail Rings.


They’re loved by Beyonce and now ‘mani rings’ are taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. Seen on the hands of many international and local celebrities like Rihanna, Demi Levato, Chiano Sky and Flash Republics’ Tamara Dey the ‘mani ring’ or nail ring – a ring worn on your nail – is the latest lacquer trend to take the beauty and fashion world by storm. It combines nail art and statement rings for a hot new trend.


Celebrity nail artist, Michell Sierra, spotted a niche in the market after close collaboration with various top SA celebrities. After 3 years of creating designer manicures for runways of SA fashion week she expanded her passion for the industry and took nail art to the next level with NailCandi®. Michell realised that fashion is all about texture and she incorporated this trend through 3D nail art and jewels.


NailCandi® Manicure Jewels is the only re-usable nail art system on the market, and is great for everyday wear or for any special occasion. The jewels are durable and suitable for home or salon use.


The first item I have to show you is a manicure or nail ring. I was really pleased when I received mine since it is one I would have chosen myself. I love hearts and this manicure ring is so very cute! Have a look:






I think it is really pretty! You may think it is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t really bother me. I wear mine on my ring nail on my right hand and I am able to type and go about my daily activities without any interference. I have worn it every day since I got it and I really love it! The ring is very sturdy and is also adjustable. I actually tried to adjust mine, but I decided rather not to stretch it out. I know that it looks like it is strangling the tip of my finger, but it really isn’t. I have chubby fingers, no judgies! I am a little scared that I am going to lose it. It is really close to the tip of my finger and I am really in love with it, so I’ve left it at the standard size to make sure I hang onto it!


You can find NailCandi at:

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