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Rise and Shine

A while ago I saw a swatch of Sinful Colors Rise and Shine on Siobhan’s Facebook page and immediately fell in love with the colour. It isn’t anywhere near my usual colour spectrum (read: PINK), but I really liked it and picked up a bottle when I spotted it in Clicks. I was in the mood for wearing something different and so this mani was born.


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous results. I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Rise on Shine on all my nails except my rings which I painted with two coats of Tip Top Armour Plate. ¬†Once that had dried I used Armour Plate to stamp over the Rise and Shine with the top image of PUEEN 33. Thanks to Ordinary Misfit‘s fantastic Tuesday Stamping posts I knew that I could use Rise and Shine to stamp, so I used it to stamp the same image over the Armour Plate. I absolutely loved the Rise and Shine stamping over the Armour Plate. It is beautiful!






Rise and Shine dries completely matte, but personally I prefer it glossy, so I top coat it with my regular top coat. It really is gorgeous. No buyer’s remorse here!