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Revlon Nail Appliques and L.A. Girl Green Sand

When I won that Revlon hamper from Truworths and Revlon it contained some nail appliques. I have never used nail appliques before and even though I wasn’t crazy about the designs, I vowed to try them. Michelle suggested I use them as accent rather than trying a full mani since I wasn’t crazy about the patterns anyway. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my nails and while taking out my “equipment” I saw the nail appliques. I had a good look at them and looked for polishes that might match them. When I laid my eyes on my new green texture from L.A. Girl I knew exactly what I wanted to do!



I started off with the nail appliques. Let me tell you…it was a mission! Bear in mind that I have never used them before. They are basically stickers, but I struggled to find ones that fit my nails. My nails are narrow at the cuticle and kind of flare out towards the tips. Nail appliques are cut straight, so if it fit at the cuticle, it didn’t cover the entire tip and if it covered the tip, it overlapped my cuticles. In hindsight I probably should of cut them to size, but I was following the instructions, so I decided not to. I stuck and lifted them quite a few times, probably reducing their stickiness. You’ll notice that the accent nails on each hand are different, where I managed to get an applique to stick and look decent, that is where it stayed! I was beyond trying to get my accent nails to match! I ruined quite a few appliques with the lifting and re-sticking too. I guess it is something you have to get the hang of. It was pretty easy to file off the excess from the tips. Once I finished struggling with the appliques, I top coated them with Seche Vite.  The instructions did not say to add a top coat, but I thought it wise. I was proved right the next morning when I noticed the applique on my pinky lifting at the corners (I stuck it down with more top coat).


On the rest of my fingers I painted two coats of L.A. Girl Green Sand which is one of their textured polishes. I have mentioned I’m in love with textures, right? This texture is a lovely matte green. It does have glitter in it which was apparent to me during clean up, but not something that was very obvious on the nail in general. Despite that, I still loved it! The texture is similar to my China Glaze which I posted about here. I have two comments about the texture. Firstly, it took very long to dry. I am used to super fast drying manis now because I’m using Seche Vite, but this took even longer to dry than my China Glaze texture (obviously I didn’t apply a top coat to the texture). I knocked my nails quite a few time, but because texture is uneven anyway, it is easy to fix without having to remove and reapply the polish. As time wore on and the surface of the polish wore too I did notice a few bubbles in the polish. After scrubbing my nails I noticed a crater or two form in the surface. There were really only two over the entire mani and they could also be contributed towards user error, so I’m not at all blaming the polish. I am prone to bubbles with other polishes too and this is obviously due to the thickness of my coats or repeated strokes which is something I am working on.


I loved my mani so much, the next day I dressed to match my nails! The fabric in my hands on these pics is the dress I was wearing 🙂




Looking at the pictures now I notice that the appliques look like they might come from different sets. My right hand looks like they are from a purple set and my left hand looks like they are from a more peachy coloured set. They are all from the same set though. I did this mani on a Wednesday and I wore them through to the Saturday at which point the applique on my thumb was lifting at the cuticle.  Not bad wear if you ask me!


What do you think of this mani? Do you like textured polish?