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Random updates

So…Rudi has gone back to work. His boss has put a tracker in the vehicle he drives and he has to fill in a log book with times and ask clients to sign the book when he is there. So his boss is keeping a close eye on him, but that is okey since he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The log book might even work in his favour since his boss has never paid him overtime and now he will have proof when he works late.

Winter has arrived in Cape Town and it is rainy and chilly. It is so very nice to be able to stay in bed when the weather is like this. Going back to work is giong to suck donkey balls. Seriously. Speaking of which, I need to start looking for a place for Babyice to stay when I go back to work. I really don’t want to. The thought of leaving him with someone else for the WHOLE day breaks my heart. I don’t want to! I know I have to though. I have no choice. It really sucks. I know a lot of moms prefer to work, it makes them appreciate time with their children and they get cabin fever when staying at home, but I really love doing it. All this is very easy to say if you’re staying at home and still getting paid your salary. I doubt it will be the same if I wasn’t. So…it will be off to work I go at the end of July.

My very last weekend on maternity leave Rudi and I will be flying up to Johannesburg to attend Angel and Glugster’s wedding. I am SO looking forward to sharing their special day with them, but I dare not count it down since I would be counting down my maternity leave at the same time.

We took this photo of Babyice nomming his turtle the other night:

Nommy turtle
Nom nom

Babyice is also starting to show signs of wanting to roll over and managing to put everything he grabs into his mouth. Oi vey! He is going to need a leash soon! A short one!

I’ve had the sniffles for a week or so, but feel like I’m getting much better now. The sore throat is gone and I just still have a runny nose which gets stuffy at night. It’s so hard not to give Babyice kisses! Sunday is my first Mothers Day since Babyice was born. I’ve been throwing hints like mad to get spoilt, but I’m not sure if they are being heard. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Remember I said we were having a problem with our Schnookums bottle warmer? Yesterday Baby Boom phoned me and told me they would replace it for the brand I wantd (Pigeon). I was over the moon! I didn’t have a box or slip and had bought it ages ago. I couldn’t wait for Rudi to get home so I could exchange it. When I went there the lady that phoned me was ready to help me, but the other lady at the till was asking for the box and slip. She seemed sceptical about the exchange, but the lady that phoned me told her that the rep for Schnookums said to just exchange it. He didn’t request a box or a slip and hadn’t even looked at it. Looks like he knew all too well that it was a dud. I used my Pigeon bottle warmer last night and it works like a dream! I can put a ready made bottle in there and just pick it up when he is ready to feed. So now I can pre-make bottles and keep them in the fridge. Each time he feeds I just take one from the fridge and pop it into the bottle warmer for the next feed. The bottle warmer keeps the bottle at a constant temperature so it is always ready. WIN. I would definitely recommend this one!

The lady from antenatal class got back to me. She is willing to GIVE us her bottles. For FREE. Sheesh. Majore score! Those bottles aren’t cheap! Woot! So I was super excited yesterday about all the new baby things. So much so I couldn’t sleep when Babyice took his nap.

I also got some bad news yesterday. My grandfather’s cancer might have spread to his stomach. FUCK. He is going into hospital on Monday for them to put a camera in his stomach and to do some biopsies. I really hope they are wrong. I so want Babyice to get to know him. He is such a wonderful man and it would be a great loss for all of us if you lose him too soon 🙁