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Random ramblings

My dentist trip yesterday was the best one I’ve ever had! She looked at my teeth, saw nothing that concerned her…gave a clean, polish and some flouride or something and sent me on my merry way! I was in and out in five minutes. What a pleasure. I assured her if she was just as nice to me each time I would come to her when I was meant to. Apparently you’re supposed to see your dentist once every 3 months when you’re pregnant for a clean at the very least. I didn’t know that!


We also took Cherry in to the dealer for a few adjustments. Nothing mechanical, just aethetic stuff I wanted fixed. When we got the to the dealer he had no courtesy car for us, despite Rudi phoning him yesterday to remind him we were bringing the car in. He ended up giving us his car. A  nice double cab bakkie (pick up truck) which Rudi has already fallen in love with *sigh*


Going to watch Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure with Leebeesa after work today. Will wander around the mall and try to find something that qualifies as ‘cocktail wear’ for my reunion on Friday. Pffft. Clothes shopping is the suck! Especially when you have a huge stomach and look 2 metres wide in everything from the side!