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Rain Africa Event

Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the relaunch of the Rain Africa store in Willowbridge last Friday. Rain unveiled their new look store, as well as their new “Nest” where clients can come and enjoy some wonderful pampering. The event was during working hours, but I work close to Willowbridge Center and I slipped out during my lunch hour to attend. There was wonderful food and the space was so beautifully decorated. The decor was not over the top and the colours muted, but I really loved the textures and special touches.


The event was themed around the senses. Taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight. For taste they provided the amazing catering. For touch, there was a pamper station where guests could get a neck and shoulder or hand massage. For hearing we were entertained by the wonderful Rain choir. These guys have some real talent! For smell we were introduced to the new line of Rain fragrances, Twig, Leaf and Nectar. These are really divine! Rain has even used dassie urine as an ingredient in their fragrances – you won’t believe how good they smell! For sight there was a projector set up to play some of Rain’s YouTube videos with popcorn for a real “movie” feel. Rain is one of my favourite local brands. Not only do I honestly love their products, but their philosophy and what they stand for makes you feel good for supporting them. Go and check out their YouTube channel for some of the Rain stories. You can also see a video of how the workers in their factory sing every day. Rain is a blessing in the community and not only creates jobs for the locals, but also helps them to learn new skills in order for them to have opportunities that may otherwise have been impossible for them. I bet you want to see what everything looked like. I took lots of photos! Let me show you 🙂

Awesome, right?! We also got lovely goodie bags! We got some hand lotion and you know as a nail blogger I need to keep my hands in tip top shape! A gorgeous soap on a rope and a soap dish as well as a voucher for a 20 minute back and neck massage at their new nest! So much of excitement! I also won a burner oil from one of the messages in a bottle that was hanging from the trees in the venue. I headed over to the store and picked out their Wild Cotton burner oil and purchased a burner. I’ve always wanted one and am always looking for ways to make my home smell lovely. Sorted!

I also learned that Rain has a store in New York! How cool is that?! People from the USA can also order from their online shop! I really can’t say enough good things about this brand and their products. If you ever get an opportunity to go into a Rain store, don’t hesitate! You *need* to touch, smell and experience their products for yourself! Why don’t you head on over to give them some love on their social media channels?


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Thank you for a lovely event, Rain. I wish you much success for the future!