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Photo shoot soon!

My first week at home has been lovely. It has been very relaxing and it seems Babyice is also relaxing and won’t be coming too early. I’m already over 38 weeks and no indication that he feels like making an entrance just yet.

He needs to stay in there till at least Monday. On Monday I’ll be having my maternity shoot. @queenofcomplex, @cazpi and @andrevr will be trying to make my bump and I look pretty. I’m really lucky to have such a talented bunch of people take interest in me and helping me to commemorate this time in my life. Thanks guys! I can’t wait to see the results! I will definitely post some pics here and on Facebook. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to feel with 3 beeeg lenses pointed at me on Monday! I have serious confidence issues and even though I love attention – I need to draw it onto myself instead of people lavishing it on me…if that makes sense? Also…they will be focusing on my tummy and I have some new stretchmarks (lovely purple ones) and pregnancy makes you hairy man! I don’t want to shave the hair off because it will most likely just grow back thicker and look much worse! Queenofcomplex swears she is a photoshop wizz…so I’m hoping she manages to make things look okay! We’ll also be doing a tweetup  on Monday evening since @queenofcomplex is from Johannesburg and she’d like to meet all the Cape Town people she chats to every day 🙂

On Wednesday I went into the office where they had planned a surprise baby shower for me. It was really sweet and they had fruit salad and ice cream to eat! Nom! Now I will only return there to show my colleagues Babyice.

My Evil Mother is back on the scene. She started calling my grandparents again. My grandfather spoke to her about staying away from the hospital when I give birth.  She agreed to do so and I hope she does. She was telling them how she has started a new job and just calling them to chat. I was waiting for the bombshell to drop and it didn’t even take a week. Last night my grandmother called me. She was really upset. Apparently Coke Head had called her saying she must ‘Come fetch her fucking daughter. She is working on his nerves’, etc. The fucking bastard. He would not dare speak to me or my grandfather like that. He wouldn’t dare. Coward! My grandmother was in tears asking me what she must do. Well, there isn’t really anything she can do. It just seems so convenient that she was calling talking about her new job, etc. and now she suddenly needs a place to stay again because her abusive husband is kicking her out. The husband that she went crawling back to after my grandparents found her a safe house. Sounds a bit well thought out if you ask me. Apparently she told my grandmother she had to leave the safe house because my grandmother and I told the lady in charge there she couldn’t be trusted with money. *ahem*. I never told her anything of the sort. I saw her once and didn’t want to talk to her at all.  I did make it clear to her that I didn’t want anything to do with my mother, but we didn’t discuss my reasons or any of the history. My grandmother was also very careful about what she told the lady of the safe house as she did not want to ruin My Evil Mother’s chances of making a fresh start. It is SO typical of her. Blaming everyone else for her mistakes. So predictable. All the more reason for me to stand firm against her. No sign of any change in her.

I can’t believe Babyice is almost here. Before you know it…he is here and I am learning faster than I have in my life before. It’s all so exciting and scary!