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Party, party, party!

Wednesday didn’t turn out to be such a mad rush after all. I even had a little time to watch an episode of Grey’s before my friend came to help me with the setup, etc (I was up from 5:30am). The drama leading up to Wednesday, however, was exhausting.

My Evil Mother came over on Monday and Tuesday night to bake/ice cupcakes and to make windmills. Next year, I am doing it myself! She is still having issues with the car my grandmother she bought, so she had transport issues. It ended with me shouting at her and her crying. Eventually Rudi got stuck in the middle and I had to apologize for shouting at her so that she would STFU and come and finish her job. Seriously, next year? Doing it my damn self.

My friend came over around 09:15 and we set off to the day mother to drop off tables/decorations/party packs, etc. We then went to Spar to buy ingredients for the smash cake, punch and some chips. Back to our place to make the smash cake. The idea behind it was that the cake would represent the sea and the beach. I think we did a bang up job :). We then went back to Spar to pick up the actual birthday cake and went back to the day mother to set up.

It was a scorching hot day and we were all very hot. We bought 7 litres of cooldrink for the punch and ended up going to the shop to buy more within 2 hours. We applied sunblock to all the kids and sprayed water all over the jumping castle to try and provide some relief. The day mother also brought her splash pool to the front yard. Babyice LOVES the splash pool. Often when I get to the day mother she tells me that he climbed into the splash pool, clothes and all!

The kids all really seemed to have a good time and everyone was exhausted by the time the party was over. Babyice got some really cool gifts too! (I have taken pictures of them all and put them on Facebook, along with the party pictures). All in all I think the party was a great success. Thanks to my helper!

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure (click to enlarge):