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Parties, fights, movies and Thanksgiving

So I had my hair done on Friday before Sarah’s birthday party. I decided to make it darker since it would be much easier to maintain when Babyice gets here. The result:


Chestnut brown
Chestnut brown


We went to Sarah and Brad’s birthday party on Friday night. It was Brad’s birthday on Friday and Sarah’s on Saturday. Convenient little arrangement they have there! It was at a dance hall if I can call it that (langarm jol for the South Africans). It was nice to see Sarah’s friends that I had met at their other parties again and catch up with everyone, although having to holler at the top of your lungs. Everyone (including Rudi) got progressively drunk…while I sipped my Appletiser. I must say, I was grateful for my sobriety the next morning. I left my jacket at the venue, which sucked, but I called them and they have it there for me. Thank goodness! It’s my only black one!


Rudi nearly got into a fight. He was playing pool against some guys. They had bet money on the game and after Rudi and his partner won, they took all the money and said they had cheated because they had touched the white ball during the game when playing one of their shots. Some brandy and a reason to fight? Not a good combination! Luckily Rudi managed to keep himself calm, even if it was only because I threatened him.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. Keep the peace dammit. Since Saturday morning Rudi’s one eye is bloodshot and weepy. He is not sure if someone hit him or not. There is no bruising or swelling…but there is clearly something wrong with his eye. I don’t think it’s pink eye as it would most likely have spread to his other eye by now. Shame. Poor baby. That’s what you get.


On Saturday I went to watch Fame with Leebeesa. The movie was super boring. Don’t bother. Really. We then trolled the shops for a little while and she took me for ice cream. Mozarts caramel flavour rocks the party that rocks the party. Seriously. I think it’s my new favourite!


After that I went to go and pick Rudi up at Fence’s house. Predictably he didn’t want to cut his festivities short. It infuriates me. Go out, have a jol with your friends, I will occupy myself with something else…but when you said you’d be done by a certain time, BE DONE. Suck it up and come home or don’t restrict yourself to a time at all.  It’s always the same. He wants to go play darts or visit a friend…and it always ends up being an all day/night affair. He then decided he would invite all his annoying friends over to our house. Asks me in front of them. Effing lovely. I hate always being the bitch in the fairytale.


So they all came over to play 30 seconds. Rudi (trashed again) and I managed to win somehow. Probably because everyone else was just as drunk as he was.


Sunday we had Thanksgiving service at church. The altar was beautifully decorated. The sunday school kids made the CUTEST paper mache pigs. They were so gorgeous! I wanted to steal them and take them home, but being in church and all…I didn’t. Rudi and I decided to practice a little 30 seconds on Sunday afternoon while I made macaroni and cheese. It was fun!


That wraps up my weekend. I have a dentist appointment today after work. ACK. I hate dentists!