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Hi everyone! I have an interesting post for you today. You’ll remember that I attended the CT Mom Blog Meet a while ago. One of the sponsors of the Johannesburg event wanted to include the Cape Town Bloggers and reached out to me via e-mail. Zulé offered me a pair of sunglasses for my son and asked if we could meet up when she came down to Cape Town with Tanya (who happens to be a qualified optometrist). This was far from just a product drop off. These two ladies offered the ultimate personal touch. They came to see me at work to deliver a pair of sunglasses for Elijah and also chat to me about their vision. In the time that they were here I learned so much about eye care!

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun, but we often don’t think of protecting their eyes. A hat might shade their eyes, but that isn’t quite the same as cutting out the UV rays. I don’t know about yours, but my kids don’t love wearing hats or anything on their heads for that matter. It isn’t something I have really thought about to be honest. My kids do have sunglasses, but they have regular plastic lenses. I don’t even know if they have UV protection. Elijah’s pair was bought by my cousin as a fashion statement and of course Gabby had to have a pink pair too. I was quite shocked when Zulé asked me if I knew that up to 80% of our total UV exposure takes place before we turn 18. I had no idea! When thinking about it for a second, it made perfect sense. Kids are always outside playing, during breaks at school, swimming at home or at a friend’s house and soaking up the sun as teens. As an adult I spend a lot of my time indoors, doing housework or working in an office. They made a cool infographic explaining how UV rays can damage your eyes. Check it out (click to enlarge):

Infographic - How UV Damages Eyes

See that statistic over there? Only 7% of people took eye health into consideration when thinking of UV exposure. That is a very low number! Zulé and Tanya are working tirelessly to raise awareness and to get the word out to people about how harmful the sun can be. Personally I have very weak eyes. Not only is it costly for me to wear contact lenses and keep replacing spectacles and contacts, but it is an inconvenience. If I can do anything to help keep my kids from having impaired vision, you can sign me up! Enter O-V Optics. There are two different styles to choose from. Both come in black and the lenses are made from shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate. There are 2 sizes – Small, suitable from ages 4 – 9 and medium for ages 7 – 12. These are the 2 styles available:

O-V Optics Sport
O-V Optics Swag

Did I mention that these glasses are practically indestructible? They can bend any which way and the lenses are designed to pop out so if they do somehow come loose from the frame you can pop them back in again (this hasn’t happened to us though!). I was told that it probably wasn’t the best idea to show your child how flexible the frame is. To quote: ‘It’s a feature, not a challenge!’ LOL. Want to see just how flexible they are? See the short video below:

How cool was that?! I know Gabby has a tendency to bend the ears of glasses outwards and she has destroyed her pink Barbie glasses by doing so. She sometimes steals Elijah’s glasses from him to wear herself and now I don’t have to worry about her breaking them when she does this. I have the Sport style glasses and Elijah has decided he is not fond of the fit. This shape wraps around your child’s face. Elijah says it makes his “eyebrows uncomfortable”. I think the Swag would have been a better choice for him. Gabby, however, loves the fit of the Sport even though they are still a little too big for her (she is only 2) and wears them happily.

Another initiative Zulé and Tanya were telling me about was Sunglasses at School. I mentioned before that children are outside every day during break times, not to mention sports days or after school sports activities. What OV-Optics would love to see is that sunglasses become part of school uniforms and be worn freely at school. That is part of the reason there are only 2 styles and both are black. Yes, sunglasses are cool, but this is not about the cool factor. I’m really hoping schools will adopt this. I also forgot to mention that prescription lenses can be fitted into the Swag frames, so your little one could still wear these even if they already wear prescription glasses.

It literally took me WEEKS to get my kids to stand still and pose for a photo wearing the glasses, but I finally managed it.

OV Optics Sunglasses
Too cool for photos…this is the best I could get O.o
OV Optics Sunglasses
Can you tell Easter fever is running high?

If you would like to buy a pair of glasses for you kiddo, check out the shop on the OV Optics site. Simply click here!

Stay Connected with The O-V Team!I would really love to hear what you think of these. Do your kids wear sunglasses with proper UV protection?