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OPI Bastille My Heart Swatch

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Hi everyone! I don’t normally do swatch posts unless something was sent to me for review, in which case I feel it is only right for me to go to the trouble of swatching and photographing polishes individually. There is, however, one polish in my collection that totally warranted a swatch post. I received this polish as a gift from my BFF Sanita for my birthday in 2014 along with 2 mini OPI polishes. This is currently the only full sized OPI that I own. I’ve used this polish before as a base for nail art, but when I pulled it out again and painted it I just knew I had to do a swatch post for it. This is the most gorgeous, deep, rich and vampy red in my collection. I absolutely adore it. The formula is perfect, it is practically opaque in 1 coat, but as we all know I’m going to do 2 anyway. Below I’m showing you 2 coats with no top coat:

OPI Bastille My Heart

OPI Bastille My Heart

I’ll let you catch your breath.

Isn’t that gorgeous?! So shiny! So squishy! So delicious! I am not one for dark colours or vampy polishes, but this? This! I think it is safe to say that this is my favourite red in my collection. Every time I wear this polish I feel so sophisticated and elegant. It just feels so luxurious! It stirs the feelings in me!

That’s all I wanted to show you for today. What do you think of this polish? Does anything in your collection give you “the feels”? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!