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On purpose Easter Nails

Although I didn’t feel very pressured to, I did want to do an Easter mani this year. I wasn’t quite full into the swing of the nail art thing this time last year, although the bug had already bitten. I decided to do one mani with all things Easter in one shot.


I started off with a base coat of OPI Nail Envy. I painted my index nails with essence wanne be your sunshine and used a dotting tool to make eyes and a beak to represent a chick.  On my ring nails I painted two coats of China Glaze Dance Baby and used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a dotting tool to “draw” a bunny. On my pinky I painted two coats of essence hello marshmallow. I used my black Madame Zingara nail art pen to draw two zig zag lines across my nails and used some of the other colours to dot around the zig zags to represent an Easter egg. Spring seems to be associated with Easter. I assume the reason for this is because it coincides with Spring in America (who commercialised it all?). Anyway, since this is such a strong reference, I decided to bring it into my mani. For the first time ever I decided to try flocking powder. I wanted “grass” nails to tie into the Easter/nature/spring theme, so I purchased green flocking powder.  I watched some video tutorials on how to use the flocking powder and followed the instructions. My experience with the powder has been hit and miss. I find it easy to apply and it looks great for a short while after application. Personally, before I’ve washed my hands or applied lotion, after that most of it is gone or it looks really patchy. In fact, I re-flocked my nail just to do take the photo below.  The flocking came out really unevenly on the second coat, but since it is meant to represent grass this fit in perfectly with my “theme”. I wasn’t super impressed with how these turned out and I think struggling with the flocking has something to do with it. Also feeling very ill is making me feel meh about everything, so perhaps that is why. Opinons?




And if I hold my fingers right, the bunny is popping out from the grass 🙂




A very blessed Easter to you and yours. Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend!