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NUK Sports Cup Review

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Hi everyone! After the CT Mom Blog meetup NUK contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their products. After browsing their catalogue, I found something that I could definitely use and asked to review the Sports Cup which is basically a sippy cup with a push/pull spout for Gabby. This is the cup we received:

NUK Sports Cup
Image courtesy of nuk.co.za

Below are the features as stated on NUK’s website:

Features and Benefits:

  • 450ml capacity ideal for games and sport
  • With pull-pull soft silicone  spout that can be easily opened and closed by any three year old: simply press, pull and drink!
  • made from ultra-lightweight and extremely sturdy polypropylene (PP) material
  • includes a clip to prevent the spout from getting lost and an integrated protective cap to make sure nothing falls out!

This cup has a nice capacity. It’s a really great size. Gabby likes to drink A LOT so the larger size is helpful because I don’t have to refill it as often as I do smaller cups. She really loves it because it is PINK, of course! The bottle is really well constructed and feels like it is good quality. The push/pull spout is also made of a durable silicone. The lid isn’t very well secured to the cup though. My 27 month old managed to remove the lid completely herself by sliding down the part the attaches to the bottle, which freed it easily. This happened within 10 minutes of her using the cup for the first time. I tried to secure the lid again, which is fairly simple, but it was taken off again within minutes. The lid isn’t necessary to stop the cup from spilling, however, it will keep the spout and surrounding area clean. We have put the lid away and don’t really use it. We would probably lose it if we tried to cart it around everywhere. The cup really doesn’t spill. My daughter has left it laying on its side on the couch and there was no leaking. The lid is a regular screw on lid, so there is no guess work involved when trying to make sure that there is no spilling. We’ve tried to return one of Elijah’s sippy cups before (different cup altogether), thinking it was a leaky mess, only to discover we didn’t know how to assemble it properly. Pass the “Parenting for dummies” manual, please 😉

My absolute favourite thing about this cup is that it is dishwasher safe! It is the only bottle/sippy cup we have that is allowed in the dishwasher. It is really a pain in the neck to have to separately wash all the drinking apparatus that the children have. I just pop this one into the dishwasher and wash our dishes on the warmest cycle which is 70 degrees. There is a heat limit of 100 degrees, so be sure not exceed that. I make sure that I pack it in the top shelf of the dishwasher too. It has been through a few cycles and the printing on the outside of the cup is still completely in tact.

Overall I really like this bottle. It is sturdy and durable, a great size and super easy to clean 😉 I think I will be getting Elijah one of the other designs. You can see the rest of the Active Drinking range which includes pictures of available designs here.

You can find more information about NUK or contact them on their available social media channels:




Do you think you think you would be able to use a cup like this in your life?





UPDATE: Please see response from NUK regarding the lid of the cup:

HI there, thanks for a great review! Just a note that the cap
is designed to come off / be pulled off if needed. Its main purpose is to cover
the spout during transport or for storage and not necessarily for during
drinking- that is why it is detachable:) Love, NUK