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No show

My cycle is still a no show. It’s officially 3 full days late. If it is late. I really don’t know what to think. Leebeesa recommended that I drink water (something I loathe to do) as this could assist in kicking in my cycle if it is meant to come. I HATE drinking water, but I suppose it’s worth a try and it won’t kill me.

If nothing has happened by Monday I’m going to go to have a blood test done. I learnt my lesson with the urine tests, they simply don’t work for me! (Well, not as soon as they’re ‘supposed’ to work)

Every time I go to the loo I wonder if it’s going to be there. I’ve gained a kilo, when I was previously pregnant I mysteriously lost 2 kilos…gaining is more consistent with water rentention associated with PMS, isn’t it?


Monday is so far off. Mondays aren’t generally good days for me though. Maybe I should schedule it for Tuesday…but that is a whole day longer to wait.

FFS. I hate this.