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New Years

Rudi suggested that we leave Babyice with his mother for New Years. At first I was opposed to the idea. I felt that it would be our first New Year with him and it would be nice to have him there. I realized later that this was extremely silly of me. He would have been sleeping anyway and we would have spent the whole night walking on eggshells as he would be in close proximity to us (our place isn’t very big). Rudi arranged things with his mother and I decided not to make a fuss. He even folded up his cot and took that with as well. I was quite happy with that as he would be in familiar surroundings with a familiar smell and this should help soothe him while he was away from us. When Rudi took him away I teared up, feeling guilty and sad that he wouldn’t be with us. Silly mommy!

We had a friend over for a braai for New Years. We decided to stay at home so that we could be safe and enjoy ourselves off the roads. I had a really good time. I must admit that I had quite a bit to drink for the first time in about two years. It was the best New Years celebration we’ve had for a very long time. We often don’t make plans or leave them to the last minute and end up doing nothing. This year we made vague plans and I think we’ll most certainly plan better next time, to avoid disappointment.

So much of fun being had...

Please excuse Rudi’s rude hand gestures. I can’t take that man anywhere!

I only went to bed at 5AM! I cannot remember the last time I have stayed up so late (or early)! Rudi and his friend only settled down around 6:30. When I went to bed I told Rudi ‘It’s almost daylight outside!’. I couldn’t believe it! We only managed to get a few hours sleep as we needed to fetch Babyice from the in laws and then head off to a braai with my family. We had to be there at 11:30 and still drop off Rudi’s friend and pick My Evil Mother up on the way there. Somehow we were only about 20 minutes late.

We had a leisurely braai with my family. My great great uncle Dan broke down while he was praying for the meal, the fact that my grandfather wasn’t there really stood out to everyone. A little later my grandmother broke down. Her grief is still very raw and there are times she has trouble dealing with him not being around. He really was her best friend and her rock. Everybody was really impressed with Babyice. They loved watching him crawl around, pull himself up and play. They couldn’t believe how he babbled and how well behaved he was. I struggle to take credit for how wonderful he is. He kind of does these things by himself…he put himself into his sleeping routine, he learnt to crawl by himself, to pull himself up, etc. We just watch him and are in awe at how amazing he is!

I managed to catch up on some sleep the rest of the weekend. It was very welcome! I hope the fun party was an indication of how the year will be! I hope you all had a good time too 😀