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New domestic

On Saturday morning Rudi went to fetch the new domestic. When she arrived around 08:00, I introduced myself and then said I’d unpack the dishwasher so that I could show her more or less where everything goes. She looked quite uncomfortable letting me work (I like that :P) and wanted to get going right away. I got her to start in the bathroom and told her the main things I would like to get done on Saturday. I said I would like the floors, kitchen, bathroom and ironing to be finished. The other jobs could wait for another day.


She is very thorough, but works quite slowly. She spent ages in the bathroom. Asked for a toothbrush in order to scrub around the taps. All very good and well. The taps haven’t looked so clean in a long time. By 13:00 she had not yet started the ironing. I knew we were leaving the house around 14:30 to go and visit Christelle and Dion, so Rudi told her she better start the ironing so long. Only the bathroom and kitchen had been done and some tidying up in the lounge. We decided that we would leave her there with a key to lock up. I gave her my number and took hers so that she could scotch me if she needed anything.


We went to over to Christelle’s house. Their daughter was still sleeping when we arrived. Rudi went out to buy wood and returned with her husband who had been at work. After Zani had woken up, her and Elijah started playing. We didn’t see them at all! We actually went to check on them to see if they were okay. They kept each other occupied the ENTIRE time we were there. I was a little worried that Babyice would get cranky as he had skipped his afternoon nap, but he was too wrapped up in playing with Zani to notice how tired he was. It was parental bliss! We couldn’t believe how well they played together 🙂 It’s actually the first time since we’ve started visiting there that the kids just went on their own mission. There was an incident where Babyice was crying and didn’t hesitate to rat Zani out for ‘smacking him’ to anyone who asked (nobody witnessed this), but Zani apologized and gave him a hug and everything was fine in 30 seconds flat. The men also said there was an incident where Babyice had given Zani a whallop, but I didn’t get the full story from them.


We changed plans about what we were going to eat quite a few times before finally somehow decided on a braai. I love to watch Christelle cook. She is always trying new recipes. She is such a foodie. I know every time we go there we’ll be trying something new. It’s always exciting. Dion mentioned potato bake while we were eating which made me feel like some, resulting in me making potato back yesterday. I’m sure it was not as fancy as Christelle’s is, but it was almost as nice as Milla’s so I was quite satisfied :). I enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. So delicious! I really miss being able to have a glass of wine (ok, more than one). I think it has something to do with it being ‘forbidden fruit’. I most certainly did not enjoy drinking wine as much when I was not pregnant and I swear it tastes different.


Around 17:50 I get a call from the domestic on my phone. I was shocked. I called her back, she was STILL there, working! She was calling because she hadn’t finished yet and wasn’t sure if she would be able to catch a taxi home because of the time. After some back and forth between me and Rudi we told her to go home as we didn’t want her to risk not getting a lift back. So…after being at our house for 10 hours she didn’t manage to finish what she was meant to do. She hadn’t vacuumed the floor in our room, packed all the washing away or washed Babyice’s bottles. So last night I was standing washing bottles and Rudi was packing washing away. She left some of the bedding and our underwear/socks not packed away too. It’s nothing compared to the amount of work we would of had to do had she not come, but when I get a domestic I don’t want to have to do ANY housework once she has left. I think this Saturday I will sit her down and talk about priorities. I don’t mind her being thorough and scrubbing taps with a toothbrush, but I need certain things to be finished when she leaves. Whether she wants to do those first or not, is up to her. I had asked in the beginning of the day for the ironing, kitchen and floors to be done and this was the least that I expected. I mentioned in the previous post that she charges less than my other domestics did…but Rudi mentioned to her what I paid the others and now I guess I don’t have a choice but to pay her the same.


Yesterday I was feeling very “meh” the entire day. I got sick in the morning while I was making breakfast. It was quite random since I usually get sick while brushing my teeth. There was nothing that I could put my finger on that triggered it. No smell or anything, just random. Luckily this was before I ate, so I didn’t lose any nourishment. I prefer throwing up when my stomach is empty. After church I was exhausted. I didn’t manage to nap well with Babyice watching movies and jumping around like a monkey on the bed with me. I just felt miff the whole day. Sleeping is becoming quite a difficult exercise. I most definitely cannot sleep on my stomach anymore. I often have pain in my left ear, I think it is from the pregnancy as the nurse at work said my ear isn’t even red inside. Leaving me only with sleeping on my right side or my back and I cannot sleep on my back. As a result I am exhausted today.


So. I guess we’ll give the domestic another whirl next week and I’ll make sure she knows exactly what is expected of her. I’ll be working in the morning, but probably not till late when I can come home and we can have a decent chat. Wish me luck. I am so over not having help or finding someone that suits us. I dreamt about my first domestic again last night. I begged her to come back. This is clearly working on me!