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Nappy Nightmares

One question I asked mothers ALL THE TIME while I was pregnant was which brand of nappies I should stock up on. I really wanted to stock up on nappies before the baby was born while we still had some cashflow. Most mothers wouldn’t commit to a specific brand and I couldn’t understand why this was such a hard question to answer. I understood that babies are different and that some might suit certain babies better, but surely there was a brand that was head and shoulders above the rest? Not so. We ended up choosing Pampers as we felt that the Huggies Gold was too expensive. I did, however, get a pack of size 2 Huggies at my baby shower.


We found that the Pampers newborn didn’t suit us. Or rather, that I didn’t particularly like them. I preferred the Huggies size 1 and 2. I think they are neat for new mothers. They have two stripes on the front of the nappy which change colour to indicate when the nappy is wet. I found this really helped me when deciding when to change nappies. You’re so overwhelmed when you are a new mom, this small thing is just one thing that helps you when everything else seems to be working against you! I also got a packet of Huggies (in the red pack), but they felt ‘plastic’ to me and I didn’t want to buy them again. While I was pregnant Rudi did buy two packs of Huggies Gold and when Babyice reached size 3 I was eager to try them. I HATED them. I found that the gel leaked (I would find gel crystals on Babyice when changing him) and the “ears” that you fasten the nappy with would either not be there or would tear off while trying to fasten the nappy. I was very disappointed and did write to them, but never followed up the complaint or exchanged the nappies since I didn’t see how it would help if they gave me the same product again.


Since all of that happened we were completely fine with Pampers until winter time came and Babyice started weeing through everything at night. He would wake up wet every morning soaked. We would have to dress him every morning in the cold. It was horrible. I started asking for advice again. Many people again recommended Huggies Gold. I was hesitant to try them again. They are quite pricey and I wasn’t sure if anything had changed since I had last used them. After trying a bigger size Pampers nappy and other brands I decided to spring for another pack of Huggies Gold. My manager had also recommended it and told me to hold one against a Pampers nappy and notice that the Huggies Gold nappy is longer. This was true. Eventually we started using Huggies Gold exclusively as our night time nappy. Even though Babyice still somehow manages to wee through them, the incident rate is MUCH lower than with other brands. Huggies also seems to have sorted out the problem with the fasteners. I haven’t had a problem with one of them in the recent packs I bought. I could tell that they had definitely made changes to improve the quality. Just the other day I accidentally put a Pampers nappy on Babyice after his bath and he woke up wet the following morning.


Also recently I had started using Cuddlers during the day to try and save on costs. At first I bought a pack of ‘Large’ nappies, but found they were quite snug on Babyice, despite him being within the weight range. I then purchased an ‘Extra Large’ and found that they were quite loose and we often have poo leaks. I also noticed that they do not absorb quickly as Babyice’s skin would still be noticeably wet often when changing him. I decided to chuck the Cuddlers, but didn’t know what brand I could use as an alternative. ExMi recommended I try Pick ‘n Pay’s Real Baby nappies. She *swears* by them. I did a price comparison and noted that they were definitely the cheapest, even compared to Cuddlers! I wasn’t hopeful. Their sizes are a little different. They go up to a size 5. I studied the weight guides and ended up purchasing a size 4+ (Babyice is a size 5 in other brands). When I opened the nappies up I noticed that they were really neatly folded and easy to open. Nothing sticks together. The nappy feels soft and like it would be comfortable to wear. The elasticated bit by the legs is long and they fit Babyice very well. I haven’t had any issues with them leaking and no rashes. Honestly I would be quite happy to buy them again and will most likely keep these as my day time nappy in the future. I have not yet braved to try them at night as Babyice has been managing to wee through Huggies Gold the past few nights as well.


I’ll be sure to report back if they work for that. Although Huggies Gold are awesome nappies, realistically we can’t afford to use them all the time. I hope that this could help someone and that everyone can find the perfect solution for them 🙂