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My first Mother’s Day

I was planning on going to church, but the weather SO foul. I didn’t want to take Babyice out into the sheets of rain and gale force winds. I was awoken by a phone call (around 7:15am) from my grandfather. He is in agony, he says. He thinks he has kidney stones or gall stones and needs Citrosoda. Can Rudi please drive to the pharmacy and get him some? I woke Rudi up to do just that. While he was gone Babyice was still sleeping so I set out to wash and sterlize all the bottles we’d gotten on our play date the previous day. I also put on some baby washing since it was piling up to no end.

Rudi phoned me and asked me if I wanted some McDonalds for breakfast and brought some home. We had breakfast together and he looked after Babyice for most of the day. He told me he had wanted to get me roses, but the guy he normally buys from wasn’t at the traffic light where he usually is (at 7:30am). Right. I had reminded Rudi that it is Mother’s Day for almost two weeks. I do this because I know what he is like. Halfway through the day I asked him if he thought he had wished me or if he was waiting until he got me a gift. Pissed him right off. He said he was sick and he told me they rose guy wasn’t at the robot. FFS. I told him ages ago I just want something that I can remember my first Mother’s Day by. I want a stupid mug that says mom on it or a teddy or SOMETHING. So of course this led to an argument and he storms off to go and buy me something. This has happened on my birthday one year as well.

He came back with a mug saying ‘Supermom’ with a little elephant stuffed animal inside it and a pink ribbon saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. This is all I wanted. Just something that I could keep and remember later that I had gotten it for my first Mother’s Day. I don’t know why Rudi is like this. Always leaves it till the last minute and gets befuck with me when I expect something. WTF?! Anyway, the rest of the day was pleasant enough and we relaxed the whole day. I even got to take a nap in the afternoon.

Our ‘play date’ the previous day took a pleasant, unexpected turn. We went there at 12 expecting to be there for a few hours. We ended up staying till 6pm and only left because we had prior commitments! We made plans to spend the day with them next Saturday as well. We have so many bottles now, I only have to wash every second day! I’m so much in the habit of washing bottles though I wash every day anyway…but I never have to worry about running out. It was really nice being somewhere where the other woman is also busy with her baby all the time and there is an area to change baby really comfortably. There are toys they both can play with…it is very awesome 🙂

I felt really bad when I saw their AMAZING baby room. Sheesh. It looks like a baby room out of a catalogue. Babyice’s room still looks like a store room 🙁 I wish I had a beautiful room for him. We’re probably moving at the end of August, so I guess it’s no use setting everything up and going to great lengths now just to pack it up in a couple of months. I still feel bad though.

Later the evening we went for a braai to celebrate @CamillaAE‘s husband’s birthday. I managed to drain an entire bottle of red wine over the course of the day and was feeling quite fragile by the end of it all. Babyice slept almost the entire time we were there. He fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept till about 11pm, so we managed to enjoy our evening without too much disturbance. Camillaae makes some AWESOME bread and even though it burnt (she isn’t used to the oven in their new house just yet – they only moved in a couple of weeks ago) it tasted so nice and I plan to make it for our next braai – for sure. She also makes the most divine potato bake. No matter how hard I try I cannot get mine to taste the same.

Anyway, we had a good weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one! Yay!