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My Baby Box

I hope all you lovely ladies enjoyed your Women’s Day (the South African ones at least). I didn’t so much. I had to work…my work partner asked me ages ago if I would mind working alone and I agreed. Epic fail. Will not be doing that again. I spent most of the day at work. To the extent that Rudi sent me a message saying I can come home. Luckily PrincessIce is wiggling around inside me and that gave me a reason to smile while I was feeling so glum. Our work application wasn’t working properly. I had a network outage to escalate and over a hundred queries to deal with. They also forgot to switch the call routing off for the public holiday and I was inundated with calls. I thought I would never get out of there. Clocked almost 7 hours of overtime while I was at it.


To top it all off, I have been getting sick again. Explains all the headaches I had last week. Another cold. Best part? I’ve given it to Babyice as well 🙁 This is actually Rudi’s fault since he didn’t listen to me or the doctor when he was told that Babyice should not sleep with us when any one of us is sick. Babyice and I are both coughing, I have ear ache, headaches, a blocked nose and my gums are swollen and bleeding. I am not exactly in my happy place. I shall prevail though. This too shall pass. Poor Babyice was feverish this morning and his chest sounds ‘wet’. He is eating and drinking at the moment and the fevers aren’t at a scary point, so I assume this is not another throat infection. Will have to keep a close eye on him the weekend. WHY does he always get sick over a weekend? Drives me nuts! I don’t mind that he gets sick on a weekend so much, but the fact that the doctors charge so much on weekends really complicates matters. You can’t put a price on their health and well being so suck it up and carry on. The day mother gave me a tongue lashing earlier…apparently he didn’t have anything warm enough in his bag. How that happened is beyond me. So I just told her to layer him. She said he was very hot this morning (good thing he wasn’t wearing something too warm!), but not coughing and his nose wasn’t too runny. I called now again, but his temperature isn’t back…yet. We’ll have to play it by ear this weekend. I need bed rest myself. I know that Babyice won’t get any. The only thing mommy’s bed is good for is jumping on! Even when he is sick that child is FULL OF BEANS!


On Wednesday afternoon I got the Toddler Box I ordered from My Baby Box! Super exciting! I was most impressed with the contents. The value of the contents of the box was more than double what I paid for it 😀 This is what I got:



Toddler Box contents




The boxes are only R130 each, so as you can see the first two products on the list already cover the cost! Babyice literally started getting sick the day I got my box, so the Mucocare is already coming in handy! What you get in the box is a surprise, so you never know what you’re going to get. They don’t provide crap no name stuff though and you definitely get value for money. They provide ‘sneak peeks’ for products throughout the month, which just adds to the anticipation and excitement of receiving your box 🙂 Everything came packaged in a lovely gift box too, which you could easily use again for gifting! All in all I am very impressed. I can’t wait to order another box for September. I am thinking of ordering a Baby Box this time around and perhaps alternating them each month. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend you get a box! They have Preggy boxes (R130 as well) and Gift boxes (R300) too. If you love me enough, feel free to gift me a Preggy Box. I’m too selfish to buy one for myself (would rather buy for the kids) and they have my address 😛



Here’s to a restful and recuperative weekend!