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My Angels and Angel

Well last night I got some more washing done. It looks like ironing is unavoidable, even if you take the clothes out of the tumble dryer! I must say though that most of my clothes are okay right out of the tumble dryer. It’s Rudi’s clothes that need the ironing. Pffft.


Rudi was super excited yesterday. One of the companies he delivers to has been dropping hints at employing him for a very long time. More recently (at the end of last year) the company started expanding their business to the line of work he is currently in. There have been delays with financing issues and of course it doesn’t help that the economy is in a slump. Also, the equipment required had to be ordered from abroad and took quite some time to arrive. Yesterday he went to speak to the owner of the company and they have confirmed they indeed want him to work there and that he could resign in about a month or so. He was so excited about this he couldn’t even sleep last night, despite having played darts the night before and being exhausted.


This will be very good for us. He will be earning more money…hopefully a lot more than he is earning now. It *might* even push him into the same earning bracket as me (if his projections are not too optimistic) and that would be incredible. They will discuss salary the next time he goes there.


I am a little sceptic (being such a pessimist and all). Not sceptic really, more concerned. I’m hoping the 3 month probation which is inevitable will go well and that this guy is for real. Rudi will work his butt off for him. He already does, but is underpaid and unappreciated where he is now. He is also understimulated and the owner of the company he is going to work for now has mentioned things like sending him for training and/or to college to qualify him. It sounds so awesome…too good to be true…hence my apprehension. I am a worry wort though. Rudi is not in the least worried and trusts this man completely. He has been making deliveries to his company for 5 years, so I take it they have gotten to know each other over that time.


Leebeesa found the cutest outfit for Babyice, check it out:


Fishing Buddies
Fishing Buddies



I also received a HUGE parcel from Nellie today. It’s got a ton of gifts in for me and for Babyice. So awesome! I want to take pictures of all the stuff she sent so you can get a good idea of how much stuff I got! I am truly so spoilt! I can’t wait to see her again. She’s trying to make a plan to come to Cape Town after Babyice is born. I really hope she manages it. She has family down here so she’ll save on accomodation.


Also…very exciting news….Angel and Glugster are getting engaged this weekend. He’s been very hush hush about it and everything except the fact that they’re getting engaged is a surprise. The how, where exactly and when exactly is all a big secret. The blogging/Twitter world is holding it’s breath for the blog post!