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Most Epic Baking Fail

On Friday I received some margarine bricks to test for a survey. Since I already have margarine at home, I thought I would do some baking to make use of the margarine and test it at the same time. I went searching for a recipe that uses quite a bit of margarine/butter. Someone on Twitter provided me with a very easy recipe for custard biscuits and it sounded perfect for the purpose.



So on Saturday I set about baking. Measuring, creaming and mixing. It all looked good to begin with…



Ready for the oven…






Epic fail!



They all melted into nothing. While I was making the mixture I already figured something was wrong…there was just too much butter…but I persevered. Then I thought I could ‘fix’ it by adding more ‘dry ingredients’ and tried another 2 batches after liberally adding more flour/custard powder/icing sugar, with the same results. Eventually I gave up. My confidence shattered. I chatted a bit to the person who gave me the recipe on Twitter and she pointed out where I had made the error. Rudi insisted I try again (I’m not sure why. He probably just really wanted biscuits). On Sunday I was rudely awoken from my nap and told to get baking as it was getting late. I started again, without any confidence. I then roped Rudi in to help me measure something on the kitchen scale. PING! Light bulb. Porridge brains ASSUMED that the brick of margarine was 250g and not 500g (the bricks were unmarked for the survey)…of course everyone knows that bricks are 500g, except when your brain is melted, you don’t. I also added only about 1/3 of the flour I was supposed to add the first time around because I didn’t read the recipe properly every single time I read it. So I made Rudi do all the measurements just to be sure I didn’t fudge it up again. Finally….








They really are delicious and very easy to make, despite my huge mishap *blush*. I brought some to work today to share with my colleagues and they were a hit! Someone even compared them to Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor biscuits. They are melt in your mouth good. So if you’d like to give it a whirl, here’s the recipe (provided by @shirras1):


  • 675 g  butter
  • 675g   flour
  • 225g   icing sugar
  • 225g   custard powder


Cream butter and icing sugar together. Add everything else and mix. Roll mixture into balls, flatten with a fork. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees celcius.



I halved the recipe as I didn’t want to make too much and could always make again if necessary. She didn’t specify a baking time, but I found 20 minutes to be optimal in my oven. When baking for 25 minutes the tops were nice a brown, but the bottoms were slightly burnt.




Other than that I have been suffering with terrible pain in my gums. Painful/bleeding gums is a common pregnancy symptom, but this is persistent and VERY painful. I mentioned this on Twitter and Tertia alerted me to the fact that problems with your gums/teeth could lead to preterm labour. Great! Another thing to worry about! The pain is so bad that it sometimes wakes me up at night and I struggle to fall asleep. The pain comes and goes but when it comes…EINA! I phoned the gynae this morning to ask what I should do. My gynae is on leave, but his partner recommended I start using Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums, rinsing with a mouthwash recommended by a dentist and go for a check up. I called the dentist office and the dental hygienist said she’ll see me for a cleaning and a check. When I told her the pain wakes me up though, she said that it is most likely a toothache and not just my gums. Bloody wonderful. I was under the impression you can’t really have dental work done when you’re pregnant, but I found this article which has put my mind at ease. The dental hygienist said they can certainly help me since I’m in my second trimester. So I’ll be off to the dentist and hopefully he’ll fix me up in one appointment.