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More Dentist Drama

I went back to the dentist today. I was expecting have my root canal closed up. That was the goal for this appointment. I was his first appointment for the day, but he was running 30 minutes late, so I had to leave and come back at a later time. When we got back to work my lift was told she may not leave the office again as she was already out for 35 minutes. So I had to try and make other arrangements for a lift back to the dentist.



I went back and hour and  half later and got in the chair. He started drilling and he HURT me! It hurt! No injections again this time since the nerve has been removed from the tooth there isn’t supposed to be any feeling. He continued to drill and I kept on feeling it! I’m cool with dentists if they aren’t hurting me, but this was the pits!  He explained to me that part of my tooth was still ‘alive’. I assume it is the nerve that feeds these nodule thingies that we are shown on the Sensodyne toothpaste ads, because they are what causes sensitivity in the first place. He said if I feel them with the drill he was using they are hair fine…so now that the nerve is out, they must also die. Basically the whole tooth dies when you take the nerve out and everything hasn’t died properly yet.



SO he closed everything up again and I have to go back next week AGAIN to try and finish this off. I just hope whatever must die is dead by then because I just want this whole thing over and done with. I’ve had it in chunks with this blooming tooth and I don’t want it to hurt when I go back again 🙁