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Medical Madness

I have been back to the doctor yesterday. More medical issues.


For the past month or so I have been experiencing severe pain in my joints. Although I feel it in most joints every now and then, my wrists are the most sore and it has gotten to a point where they hurt every single day. My ankles, knees, elbows and hips hurt sometimes, but not all the time and not too badly. The pain has started to interfere with my every day life. I struggle to screw open jars and bottles. Sometimes it hurts to pick up Gabby. Dressing her is a nightmare. I eventually relented and decided to have it seen to.


I was none too pleased that the doctor asked me to pee on a stick.  I had done a pregnancy test around Valentine’s Day because I had a few symptoms, but these could also have been from the medication I was taking at the time for the bronchitis I had. I just wanted to be sure. Thank goodness the test was negative both times. We just really can’t do any more babies money wise.  He poked me a lot and managed to find the exact spot in my wrist where it hurts. He has prescribed me meds, but I’m not sure yet if they will work since the painkillers and anti-inflammatories I tried to take before gave me no relief.


He is running blood tests for gout, rheumatoid arthritis and infection. If the results come back clear I am considering having my Mirena removed. If you want to be scared out of your wits, Google Mirena side effects. A lot of women have reported similar side effects and are usually screened for rheumatoid arthritis/Lupus when they go to the doctor. Sometimes symptoms surface as late as 4 years after having the Mirena put in.  I discussed this briefly with the doctor and he said it was not impossible that my symptoms are caused by the Mirena and if the tests are clear I should discuss this with my gynae. I’m not sure if he will believe me, my gynae was quite positive about the Mirena having minimal side effects. Although it is a really convenient form of birth control, it isn’t worth being in pain every day. I do, however, want to rule out other causes first. I paid R2 000 out of my own pocket for the Mirena as it isn’t covered by the medical aid. Although I have gotten a year’s use out of it, it still has about 4 years left. By the time all these tests and doctor’s visits are done I’ll probably have used at least that much of the medical aid anyway.


We quickly discussed other birth control options in case I do have the Mirena removed. He mentioned the Nuvaring, but that is a estrogen and progesterone birth control method which could affect my milk supply while breastfeeding and may cut short our breastfeeding journey. I was very disappointed when he said I’ve breastfed Gabby for long enough and that 6 months is recommended. It really is sad when medical professionals are so ill informed. I did make mention of the fact that the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 2 years of breastfeeding or until the child naturally weans. There are other birth control options, I’ll just have to suck it up. I will never get to breastfeed again in my life and the longer we continue to breastfeed, the more benefit both of us derive from it. Emotional and physical benefits. I could use the breastfeeding pill, but it much more unreliable than other birth control pills. I was warned with Elijah if I don’t take it at exactly the same time every single day I WILL get pregnant. I’m not so good with remembering to take meds, never mind at the same time every day! I’ll explore my options at a later stage if necessary.


The doctor may call me with results this afternoon, latest tomorrow. I’m so conflicted I’m not even sure what to hope for. Every outcome here has its pros and cons. I’ll keep you posted.