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As I mentioned yesterday I got a huge bag of goodies from Nellie. She sent me a parcel with present for me (for my birthday) and some things she has collected for Babyice. I know for a fact that this isn’t all the stuff she’s bought for Babyice as she has mentioned something else she bought that wasn’t included in the package. I <3 presents!
In the huge box that she sent me was the following bag:
Awesome Bag
Awesome Bag
The bag is surrounded by pockets and the inside of the bag is also lined with pockets:
Inside the bag
Inside the bag
The bottom of the bag has a firm support in it so the bag is stiff at the bottom. Nellie says this is her latest discovery for babies. She says it’s not the type of bag you take to the shops, but is excellent for carting baby stuff around when sending them to a day mother or going on play dates.
Each one of the pockets (inside and out) had something in it. Below is some of the loot I made off with:
Stuff for mommy
Stuff for mommy
  • Dove cream oil bar
  • Vaseline intensive moisture lotion
  • Bennet’s baby aqueous cream (for myself and Babyice)
  • A scented candle and candle holder
  • A telephone book with butterflies on (I <3 butterflies)
  • A pair of earrings
  • A card
  • A mug
  • Two brushes in lipstick holders (one for powder and one for blush – she thinks of everything)


Can you tell I’ve complained to her about my dragon dry skin?


Stuffs for us
Stuffs for us
  • Slippers for mommy for hospital
  • A plastic train that squeaks when you squish it
  • A Winnie The Pooh back pack (for Babyice’s toys)
  • A Santa Clause door decoration


Pressies for Babyice
Pressies for Babyice
  • A babygro with farm animals on
  • Baby hedgehog shoes
  • A Winnie the Pooh hat and shoes – the hat says ‘Hello! I’m new here’ 🙂


Reindeer pen

And a reindeer pen because she knows how much I love Christmas.
So there is all the loot I made off with! I’m so lucky. I am blessed in that people seem to love giving me gifts…and that I love receiving them 🙂
Fork it. I better go work!
One last thing….
Angel and Glugster got engaged this morning! She cryptically said that she said yes at 12 000 feet, but didn’t say whether I was right about the hot air balloon or not! Can’t wait to find out!