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Kneeded Physio

Over the weekend I got really sick and tired of my knee not feeling better. Taking anti-inflammatories and putting on patches only offered temporary relief. I would wake up in the morning and my knee would feel better, but it would just deteriorate during the day again. My right knee also started complaining because I was using it to compensate. I had been out of gym for almost a whole week and I am keen to go back.


First thing Monday morning I phoned for a physio appointment, even though my knees were still feeling okay. By the afternoon my knees were both sore and I headed off to the physio. I explained to her how the pain started and she asked me a few questions. One of the questions she asked was whether I had bought new shoes. She then examined me and quickly determined that I had injured a ligament in my left knee. She said that there were small tears in the ligament fibres and while massaging her she found that there was fluid on the ligament as well. Even though both knees hurt, while she was examining me only one spot that she touched on my left knee really hurt. This is where she focused the massage and she later put the sonar machine on both knees. She warned me that she was ‘activating the muscle’ and that it might be tender afterwards. As I walked out of the physio I already felt better. I was so glad I went. I was also happy to finally know what the cause of my discomfort was and that it wasn’t something serious or permanent.


As the evening wore on I started to feel the ‘sensitivity’ that the physio must have been referring to (I hope!). This morning my knees were both sore when I woke up, instead of them feeling much better and then deteriorating. I have been taking Mybulen today to help with the pain. It doesn’t feel like it is getting any better mind you, but I suppose it could get worse before it gets better? She said I probably injured my knee while training. It could be because my posture was incorrect, or that I stepped while my knee wasn’t aligned properly. She advised me of some exercises to do to help strengthen my ligaments. It happens to be one of the exercises I’m not crazy about. Go figure.


I’ll be going for one more physio session tomorrow (200 bucks a pop!) and apparently I can head back to the gym on Friday. Except I already have plans with Leebeesa for Friday evening, so I guess we’ll have to postpone it to next week. We’ll see. I’m just really hoping that this pain I’m feeling right now is part of the healing process.