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KBShimmer Make My Gray






Hi everyone! I have another gorgeous KBShimmer polish to show you today. I simply love crelly polishes (slightly translucent polishes with glitter particles). It took me ages to decide which KBshimmers I wanted to mule over to South Africa and this one made the cut 🙂 I also used proper nail vinyls for the first time in this mani. I have previously only used guides that I had purchased from bornprettystore and I expected them to be more or less the same. Read on to find out about my learning curve. Onto the nails.KBShimmer Make My Gray Revlon Cabana Queen zig zag nail vinylsKBShimmer Make My Gray Revlon Cabana Queen zig zag nail vinylsKBShimmer Make My Gray Revlon Cabana Queen zig zag nail vinylsKBShimmer Make My Gray Revlon Cabana Queen zig zag nail vinylsI started off with Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as my base coat to protect my nails. I painted 3 coats of KBShimmer Make My Gray on my thumb, index and pinkie.  Make My Gray is a light grey crelly with turquoise, gunmetal, pale aqua and coral hex glitters. Another perfect formula with glitters that come out of the bottle with ease. I did also leave this bottle upside down for a while before I used it. The reason I painted 3 coats was just to get more of the coral glitters onto my nails since I really love how they pop. The polish itself is opaque in 2 coats. On my middle and ring nails I painted 3 coats of Revlon Cabana Queen. Cabana Queen is a sheer light grey with a beautiful shimmer. Here I painted 3 coats for opacity. I applied liquid latex around the nails as I intended to do a gradient. Once the latex and polish was dry, I applied zig zag nail vinyls that I received as a gift from Whatsup Nails when I purchased my Creative Shop stamper from them. I used a make up sponge and China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave as well as Design Turquoise to sponge the gradient over the vinyls. I knew I had to remove the vinyls immediately, but what didn’t occur to me was that the vinyls would stick to and lift the latex as well. On my ring finger you can see the oops this created with the vinyl pattern near the cuticle. I have seen people use vinyls and latex together before (there are loads of videos on Instagram), but maybe I just need to practice or skip the latex when using vinyls. The vinyls are very different to the guides. They peel away from your base a lot easier and I’ve noticed that they leave much cleaner lines as well. I’m excited to try more vinyls now! You get some really funky patterns. The possibilities are endless! When I was done, I sealed everything in with a generous coat of Seche Vite.

Even though I messed up slightly with the vinyls, I still really LOVED this mani. I actually really love gradients and I’m enjoying wearing them. You will be seeing a lot more of them in future 😉 I would love to hear what you think of this mani down in the comments below 🙂