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Hi everyone. Happy Heritage Day to all my South African readers! It is a public holiday here for us, but I am working some overtime. Hopefully I won’t be stuck in the office too long. We’ve been away the past weekend and it was a crazy time. I will totally write a post about that soon. I needed a mani to tide me over between my regular Wednesday mani day and Friday morning when I would do my nails for the weekend away.  I looked at my untrieds and decided to use a polish I wouldn’t mind wearing only for a short while. I picked up a Revlon Expressionist duo called Jackson’s Polish and tried it out.


I started out with my regular Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two easy coats of the polish side of the duo on all of my nails. It is a orangey red colour. The formula was really easy to work with, it glided on. This colour reminds me of watermelons for some reason, so I’ll reach for it if I ever decide to do watermelon nails 😛 I thought I would attempt swirly patterns with the striping brush, but I didn’t wipe enough polish off of the brush on my first attempt and as I laid it down it covered about half my nail with polish. I started over with that one and abandoned the idea of swirls and decided to do actual stripes. I kept both hands rested on the table and moved my nail instead of my striping brush and still managed to make them skew. Tsk. I added some gold studs I bought from Born Pretty Store and top coated over everything with Seche Vite. The result:


Revlon Expressionist Jackson's Polish


Initially, I hated. it…but you know what? It isn’t that ugly at all! I am kind of bummed that I messed up the stripes and I’m not sure why I did. If I could do Superman nails with a striping brush, surely I could do some straight lines?! I wish there was a bit more contract between the two polishes, but it isn’t too bad. I really grew to like them and did kind of wish I could keep them on a little longer, but I had to get around to my weekend nails before we departed.


So you like these nails and the colours? I couldn’t decide if this was red or orange. What do you think?