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I’ve made a start

Finally after some epic procrastination and fretting over the clutter issue, I started. I started by clearing out two shelves in my cupboard. Two shelves turned into two grocery bags full of stuff to donate. I struggled to come to terms with the fact that some of the things in those bags were very expensive and had barely been used. There was even a pair of stockings that I must of bought 3 years ago that were still in the packaging! I had to toss stuff out though. I *needed* to purge. The two shelves were finally looking decent (they had been bugging me for MONTHS) and I no longer had to stick my fist into a wall of clothes/scarves and hope I pulled out what I needed.



On Saturday when the housekeeper came I decided to tackle unpacking my summer clothes. This happened with gusto and resulted in a large black bag full of stuff that the housekeeper ended up taking home with her. I managed to make quite a bit of space in the cupboards in our room. Rudi needs to go through his clothes and I know that is going to be like pulling teeth! Rudi started unpacking the shelves in Babyice’s room with medicine and baby stuff (bottles/teats/toiletries) and we started throwing away expired medication and things we no longer need. I was able to pack back the baby stuff, but the medicine is still lying in disarray as I need to stand on a chair to pack this back and I refuse to pick up a chair and carry it there. The only ‘chair’ we really have is a little wooden stool and it’s quite heavy and quite low. I’ve asked Rudi to take it through for me, but that hasn’t happened yet.



On Sunday I wanted to go and buy some storage containers to help with the organizing mission. Rudi, however, decided that he would rather go fishing with Lindor. I was majorly pissed off. I was feeling ill (still am) and he decided to bugger off and leave me alone with Babyice, while I am possibly contagious and of course I could get nothing done without him there. Right now I NEED him to be there. I need him to bend down, pick things up and carry stuff around. Yes, it’s not glamorous work, but someone has to do it and right now that cannot be me. He hasn’t been out in a little while, so I only sulked about it for about 48 hours.



On Monday we went to the shops and I spent about R900 buying various storage containers/organizers so that we can get the organizing and sorting on track. These containers and organizers are standing by the front door as they arrived. *sigh*. This weekend we’ll be going to visit my father’s mother in Gordon’s Bay, so we won’t get anything done then either. Not much more time before PrincessIce arrives and still so much chaos! I am not getting any smaller or any more comfortable and I’m worried that I’ll run out of ability before I even run out of time.



I want to replace our current compactum with a wardrobe/shelved cupboard. I barely used the compactum as a changing table, I mostly changed Babyice on the bed. The drawers are completely stuffed. They don’t slide in and out properly and even the bases of the drawers are falling out. A cupboard will provide more packing space and take up less space in the room horizontally. I’ve been looking around for something and haven’t found anything yet. I don’t really feel like trekking around the shops to find something, but I might not have a choice. Rudi reckons he can make a cupboard, but I’m still waiting for him to make me a headboard for the last 6 years so I’m not holding my breath.



Still so much to do and time is ticking away as if we have time to waste 🙁