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Irritations of the moment

Firstly, the shower is still leaking. WTF. They came out to look at it again yesterday and ‘tightened’ a few things, but last night water was pouring out from underneath the shower. Mopping required. It’s most annoying. I’m happy that I can shower again and sincerely hope they don’t need to chop up the wall or something next. The guy who fixed the shower assures me that there is no way the water is coming from the floor (which is what they fixed last time)…but he doesn’t seem to know where the water is coming from. As long as I don’t end up standing naked in the lounge of the people below us I suppose I can mop up until they fix it.


The Evil Mother *sigh* Suddenly she is being attentive and wanting my attention, time and company. She started calling me EVERY DAY. How is the baby? How did your scan go? Can you come fetch me, I want to visit you, I miss you. What the hell woman?! After almost 4 years of never calling me unless she wants something, she has decided it’s a good time to ‘chat’. She phones me while I’m at work and wastes my time, or she gives me missed calls and expects me to phone her back. She has been doing the same thing with my grandparents. My grandfather says he was speaking to her the other day and had nothing more to say, so he said ‘Ok, goodbye’ and she started whining ‘Why you want to go now? Don’t you want to speak to me anymore?’. Needy.Bitch. I don’t know whether she is trying to get back into the family’s good graces…or whether she is trying to edge her way into my life before our baby arrives…but she needs to piss right off. On Monday she called me before my gynae appointment. She wanted to know what time it was, where, which hospital, with what doctor…etc. Then wanted to know what I was doing the evening because she wanted me to come and fetch her to come and visit. When I told her we’re going out she starts with the 3rd degree again ‘With who? What time? Where to?’. Woman. You have lost your parental rights and ANY rights whatsoever to question me a long time ago. Fuggit. I suppose it is quite evident that this is something that is irking me beyond belief. Apparently my grandfather gave her R50.00 the day before yesterday so she could ‘send her husband home’ (the money was for petrol), but the next evening at church she was crying that he was drunk and how she hates having to put up with it. I wonder where he got money for booze? If I think about all the things I could have bought for Babyice from the money that woman is sucking out of my grandparents, not to mention all the things they could have bought for themselves! FFS. </rant>


On a happy note…I love my husband. Last night he shaved my legs for me. I’ve asked him before and he has always said no, he is afraid he’ll cut me. Now I really can’t reach anymore without squishing Babyice. He left me with no lacerations or wounds and even put some lotion on my legs (with a little foot rub) afterwards. What a sweetie! Looking forward to antenatal class tonight. We’ll be learning about coping with natural birth and they’ll be teaching the men how to take care of us and help us through the process.