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Indecisive Care Bear Stare

Today I have the last of my Dollish Polish “haul” to show you. I’m not sure if you can consider 4 mini polishes a haul, but I’ll make it one! Care Bear Stare is a glitter topper filled with loads of pastel glitter in all different shapes and colours! On the Dollish Polish site it is described as follows:


This darling glitterbomb was inspired by the Care Bears, and is exploding with pastel glitters in pink, blue, aqua, and purple, in all shapes from hex’s to square, butterflies and stars, all in a clear base with varying iridescent glitters.

I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. I had NO idea what colour to wear Care Bear Stare over. I knew a pastel would be best, but which one? So I decided to use them all! On my thumb I painted 2 coats of essence that’s what I mint. On my index 3 coats of China Glaze Lemon Fizz, on my middle nail 2 coats of essence hello marshmallow (the original), on my ring 2 coats of Tip Top Melting Marshmallows and finally on my pinky 2 coats of Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau. I painted 1 coat of Dollish Polish Care Bear Stare over all the colours and sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:


I really love the variety of colours and glitters in this top coat! The stars, hexes and butterflies are all different colours. You can see on my pinky I have a lilac star, on my middle nail a baby pink one and a light green on my index.  You can also see all the different shapes and colours of the glitters on my nails. What a lovely mix! After this experiment I know that my first choice of undies for this topper would be the pink and the lilac would be my second choice. While wearing this mani I got a lot of comments that my nails looked “like Easter eggs” or “speckled eggs”. I suppose the pastel colours make people associate this mani with Easter. I’ll definitely redo this come Easter time since this has been one of my most challenging nail art themes.


Image courtesy of parade.condenast.com
Image courtesy of parade.condenast.com


What do you think? Which colour do you prefer it over?