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I’m still here!

I hate it when I have such a big lapse of time between blog posts. It’s so easy to forget the tiny details of events (or even entire events) while you’re rushing through life. The whole point of blogging for me is to capture these moments in my life so that I can reflect on them again at a later stage.

Anyway, here I am. This past weekend Rudi and I flew to Johannesburg for his cousin’s wedding. We left Babyice at home with Leebeesa since we weren’t sure about him travelling by plane just yet. We also felt we probably wouldn’t get to enjoy the wedding if we had him to worry about constantly. So Leebeesa looked after him at our house, in his own environment, which is a comfort. Blighter barely noticed we were gone!

The wedding was small (around 50 people) and really lovely. We had a good time without over indulging. The couple that married have been together for 6 years and already have two kids. One of their children is just under two and he proved our point about having to run after a baby. The bride and groom could both be seen pushing the pram around at some point trying to get their son to sleep. He is teething and even though he had a nanny there, he just wanted mommy/daddy.

As we got to the wedding I was very disappointed to see that all the photos on my camera had somehow disappeared! We had gone through the photos the previous evening at the airport and the next afternoon they were gone! I had photos of Babyice, Angel’s wedding and others that I can never replace. I hadn’t downloaded them and I’m quite upset 🙁 I am positive that I never formatted the memory card. I don’t think I can save them…it seems they’re really gone.

Angelsmind and Glugster met us at Lanseria airport to catch a glimpse of us before we left. Unfortunately we could only fly up for the weekend, so we didn’t have time to socialize with our friends there. It was so awesome to see them. I dare say a visit to JHB/CT wouldn’t be complete without seeing each other.

Babyice is doing well. He had yet another chest infection towards the end of November and my GP decided that he should be sent for allergy test. I had asked the pediatrician about this at his 9 month check up, but the paed wanted to wait to see how he does in summer. It turns out that he is allergic to something – your IEG (I think) count shouldn’t be above 1.8 and his was 10.7. They tested for regular allergies such as dairy, gluten, wheat, pet hair and pollen, but found nothing. He has been put on anti-allergy medication and we have been advised to monitor. Should he fall ill again, we need to take into consideration what he ate in the previous two days and now follow a process of elimination. Not extremely helpful, but at least we have some direction. He hasn’t been sick since going onto the anti-allergy medication, but it’s a little early to celebrate. He usually gets a chest infection once a month and he has only been taking the medication since 25 November.

Other than that he is now pulling himself up against things and standing. He crawls very fast and is sometimes difficult to keep up with! He says a few “words” like “Dada” (his favourite it would seem), “Ambah” (Amber, our cat) and “Mama” (sometimes). He doesn’t direct these words toward anyone as yet though. He has an issue with his top teeth it would seem. There were four teeth bulging in his gum, we assumed they were ready to decend. Instead, the gum split open across the left front tooth (seemingly relieving the pressure on the gums) and you could see the tooth through the gum. We worried, but the paed said there isn’t really anything you can do but wait it out. Now the gum seems to be thinning around the edge of the tooth, yet the teeth haven’t decended OUT of the gum at the bottom yet. They seem to be pushing forward through the gum (without being skew) instead of pushing down through the brim of the gum (I hope this all makes sense!) So we’ll wait and hope his teeth come out okay. It seems to be bothering us a lot more than it is bothering him. He doesn’t moan or cry and eats normally.

I’m still missing my grandfather. It’s so weird not to be able to pick up the phone and call him to chat or ask for advice. I call my grandmother regularly to check if she is okay and we pop on there at least once a week to see her. When we were flying home from Johannesburg we saw the most beautiful cloud formations (from the air). My grandfather LOVED clouds and would often take photos of them. I find myself regularly saying things that begin with “My grandfather used to…”, showing me that his memory and legacy live on in my memory and life. The grieving process after losing my grandfather is quite different from what I went through when we lost Jamie. I want to say it is harder, but that isn’t really true. It’s different. I have a lifetime of memories with my grandfather. A lifetime. He taught me so much, instilled so many values in me and laid a foundation in my heart that will never disappear. So, it is harder in that way. I didn’t know Jamie, we had few memories together, but I grieved what her life could have been.

Work is stressful and sucks, but it shouldn’t for much longer. As of the 3rd of January I will be going back to my old team and things should be fine.

Should I get stuck in real life and work again, I would like to wish you all a safe, blessed festive season. May you create beautiful memories with your loved ones xxx