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I’m entering a competition!

Angel is running a competition on her blog with prizes! Since the time for Babyice to arrive is quickly approaching…I figure I am going to need all the help I can get!


Angel has asked for the entrants to write a blog post about an old wives tale and whether they think it has any relevance today. I was a little stumped and went along to the page of parenting myths she pointed out to help us along a little (find it here). Finally I found one that I thought I need to talk about since I could have made a mistake with this one myself (being a naive first time mom!)


Myth: A mobile infant walker will help your child learn to walk faster.


I mentioned on my blog previously that I wanted to get a walking ring for Babyice. I was surprised by the comments I received! I had no idea that walking rings could be so dangerous! So dangerous in fact that they have been banned in Canada! They can even impair your baby’s learning to walk as explained in this article. Since being enlightened to these facts (thank you for the links, Angel!) I have heard one horror story after another about accidents that have happened to infants in walking rings.


One mother told me how her son pulled a kettle full of hot water over onto himself! This was obviously something I had not thought through. I guess I assumed that walking rings are safe because they are so widely used and sold freely. Why would they sell things in baby stores that aren’t safe for your baby? It doesn’t make much sense!


Walking rings give your child almost unlimited mobility. Every tired, overworked mother knows you cannot watch your child each and every second…and that is all it takes. One second for disaster to strike. There are just so many dangers in and around our homes. My home is not even nearly baby proofed and once Babyice starts crawling we’re going to need to make some serious changes around here. I can only imagine how many children have walked into swimming pools in a walking ring *shudder*


I have since decided that I do not want to get a walking ring for Babyice and also advised a few people who have asked if they could buy me one that I would prefer it if they considered a different gift as I do not want one. I hope you’ll read the articles and reconsider getting a walking ring.


I’m sure all the very clever moms that read my blog already knew all of this, but maybe I have helped teach someone something.


Disclaimer: Please do not think I am saying you are a bad parent if you want to get a walking ring or have used one. I am sure many mothers have used walking rings safely and without incident. This is an individual choice each parent has to make. Personally,  I would rather be safe than sorry.