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Ila Dusk Personal Alarm

I was approached by a representative of Ila to test and blog about a personal alarm that they are launching in South Africa. The product has been very successful in the UK and is already available in Frasers Luggage Stores in South Africa! They will also be for sale in Foschini stores soon.

I received my device a week or so ago and have been playing around with it for a while. You get them in quite a few stylish designs and it clips easily onto your handbag. It’s not very big, about the size of one and a half match boxes.

I was sitting on the couch opening it up and inspecting it, wondering how it worked. I’m never one to read the instructions though and before I knew what was happening I had pulled out the pin that activates the device. Babyice was very alarmed and started crying. It lets out an ear piercing high pitched female scream! Guaranteed to attract attention to you/your attacker, even in a noisy area like a mall.

It is almost like a hand grenade, you pull the pin out (which is attached to a chain) and the screaming commences, to stop the sound you simply pop the pin back in (ok. You can’t do that with a hand grenade if you’ve already thrown it). Should you be attacked or someone snatches your handbag and you’re left with the pin in your hand, the shrill screaming will continue for 10 minutes. If you ask me, by that time the dirty sneak will have dropped your bag to avoid attention being drawn to him. It really is very loud and you wouldn’t even have to point out who has you handbag. If they have dropped it, it also wouldn’t be difficult to find your handbag if the shrill screaming is still emanating from it.

The Dusk has a battery life of 3 years if not used, but you cannot replace the battery. So if you mess around with it too you’ll have to replace it! Look at the bright side ladies…and excuse to get another design when the battery goes flat!

Personally I think this is a great security device. The fact that they’ve made it fashionable and stylish is a great plus. It’s not like an ugly cannister of mace which will probably be IN your bag instead of ON your bag. What good will that do? So if you’re looking for something to make you feel a little safer I would recommend this product. Personally I feel quite unsafe in parking lots, whether they are indoors or outdoors. I will be holding on to my chain!

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