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I will not be taken advantage of

You might remember this post where I spoke about how dependant my aunt is and how she is going to become my problem once my grandparents aren’t around. Looks like she’s decided she can make herself my problem anyway. I was so annoyed yesterday.


Rudi and I went to have dinner at my grandparent’s place. My grandmother had baked two cakes for my uncle to take to work as it’s his birthday. She asked if we could drop the cakes off at my aunt’s house. From our house to my grandparents it’s about a 1.5km drive. We would then have to drive an additional 7km to get to my aunt’s house, then back to my grandparents house/our house. It’s out of the way. Since it was my grandmother asking and Rudi had to drive out that way to take his father’s birthday gift, I consented. My uncle could have come to fetch his own FREE cakes, but whatever.


So Rudi goes to drop off the cakes and my uncle mentions that his car battery is flat. Rudi goes to fetch his father’s car battery charger and takes it back to my aunt’s place. Then she wants him to lend her money to buy two cooldrinks (also for my uncle to take to work for his birthday) and of course to drive her to the shop. Since Rudi didn’t have any money on him, he had to decline, but didn’t hesitate to ask me as well. So what? Rudi must drive back to my grandparents, fetch the money from me, drive back to my aunt and then cart her to the shop? So as he wants to leave she asks if she can use his phone. She goes ahead to make a loooong call talking about all sorts of crap, so Rudi eventually had to start the car and start driving away before she got the picture.


While we were at my grandparents she gave my grandmother 4, yes FOUR, missed calls to call her back. My grandmother does this. She’s creating a monster!!!! THEN my aunt calls me (missed call, of course). I call her back and she asks to speak to Rudi. She now wants Rudi to drive BACK to her place and then drive her to her sister in law’s place to go and fetch a pair of shoes.


HELL NO. NO FORKING WAY! I drew the line. I’m not her freaking taxi service. She wasn’t even going anywhere that she needed the shoes for. Is she freaking KIDDING ME?


She is the reason I blocked my ‘Please call me’ messages. Because she wants me to phone her for the biggest load of crap. Now she seems to think that, like my grandmother, my husband and I are at her beck and call? She will be reconditioned. She will be made to understand that I don’t have limitless petrol and time to run around for her.


FFS. I suppose her and My Evil Mother have more in common than I thought.