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I hit my internet cap

Wah. Yeah. I realized (too late) that *something* on my new laptop was downloading TONS of data while I wasn’t looking, sending my bill to over R1000.00! Luckily I have a friend that is in the IT industry and he helped me find out what it was. We switched it off. Now that my data bundle has reset I have some freedom again! Yay! No more internetlessness!

I hate having long spans of time between blog posts, I forget most of what happened and end up blogging only recent events. Let me start there and then see if I can work my way back some.

Yesterday we had our antenatal class reunion. It was so nice to see how everyone’s babies turned out! They are all so much of cuteness! Before we left the one couple said we should all get together for pizza sometime, they know of a baby friendly place not too far away to go to. We exchanged numbers again and hopefully we will get to see them again and get to see how their babies develop along with Babyice. We get along quite well with the one couple. They have a whole lot of Avent bottles that their baby doesn’t want to use, so I’ve offered to buy them. Still waiting to hear from them about how much they want. They have ELEVEN bottles they can’t use, such a waste. Out of the 3 of us, everyone wanted a natural birth and everyone wanted to breastfeed. In the end I was the only one that had a natural, uncomplicated birth and the only one that isn’t still breastfeeding. At least I got something right!

Cazpi took some more photos of Babyice, you can see them here. They really are lovely, thank you Caz. He is growing up so nicely. I’ve gotten the sniffles and a sore throat. I was so scared I was going to pass it on to him, but he seems fine and I think I might be past the contagious bit. Thank goodness! I would have felt terrible if I made him sick, although it is inevitable that it will happen someday. He is developing nicely, learning new stuff all the time. He has now managed to successfully grab things…everything he manages to grab goes directly in his mouth. It’s so cute! He has so much fun doing it. It is fascinating to watch! We’re having a little problem with him. He has learned to escape from the blankets we swaddle him in. Immediately his hands go up into his face and he wakes himself up. Twitter suggested that we get a baby sleeping bag for him. We couldn’t find one ANYWHERE, but after mentioning it on Facebook, Sarah’s cousin offered me one of hers since she isn’t using it (it’s blue and she has a girl). She gave it to me yesterday. What I didn’t realize is that the baby sleeping bags have holes for their arms to get out, so it doesn’t solve our problem, although it till be nice to snuggle him in in winter. So we’ve gone back to swaddling and if he breaks free, there’s nothing for it. We’ve got a bigger blanket to swaddle him in, but it’s quite thick so we’ll wait till it is cooler before we use it.

We’ve taken our bottle warmer (which I bought when I was like 3 weeks pregnant) to Baby Boom. They offered to let a Schnookums rep to have a look at it. It takes 14 minutes to heat up and then the bottle is SO hot that you need to cool it down again. If you leave it till the last minute the baby is FRANTIC by the time his bottle is ready. Nellie has a Pigeon bottle warmer and doesn’t have these kinds of problems. Hopefully they can fix it or if it isn’t working properly, replace it. If it IS the way it works, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The staff at Baby Boom in Cape Gate are always helpful and friendly though. It’s so nice of them to offer their help even though I didn’t buy it there.

Other than that my grandfather was asked to have another scan done. The markers in his blood have suddenly indicated that the cancer has spread. He is still waiting for the results. They always leave him hanging for WEEKS for possibly devastating results. It really irritates the shit out of me. I suppose doctors who deal with this every day don’t really care much…while the patient sits at home worrying themselves sick(er) about their condition. *sigh*

I took Babyice into work the other day to show him to everyone (for the first time). I’m so glad I won’t be going back there in a hurry. My manager took Babyice out of his pram since he’d spit up a little and help him, wearing his nice suit. I tried to put a burp cloth on his shoulder, but he waved me away. Someone said “You can see he is a daddy”. Wah. So cute!

Oops! Feeding time! More blogs to follow!