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How You Know You’re Married to a Truck Driver

Hi there!

I thought I would write this in light of how our lives have changed recently*. I dreaded Rudi taking on this specific profession as all I could see was the probability of long distance driving and loose women at truck stops along the way. So here is a little insight into what it is like to be married to a truck driver.

  • You have to set the alarm for obscene hours. No time is sacred. Whether it’s midnight/2 AM or 5 PM, your body clock will never be the same again. My husband makes me set the alarm on my phone. I also have to turn it off. Thanks for that honey!
  • You suddenly have an unprecedented respect for truck drivers everywhere and allow them ahead of you in traffic.
  • You begin to understand that driving a truck is a very skilled job and not just any guy off the street can do it and do it well.
  • You cringe at the stories of daredevil escapes on mountain passes where the edge of the tire literally touched the boundary wall on the outer side of the mountain.
  • You’re very proud when your husband tells you about the amazing job he did reversing a 12 meter trailer into a very awkward spot, so awkward it drew a crowd that applauded when he got it right.
  • You laugh about and can relate to people in the CBD jumping out of their seats while dining alfresco to make sure that your husband doesn’t scrape their parallel parked cars in the narrow street.
  • You constantly worry about your husband not getting enough sleep.
  • You’re starting to understand how hard single parenting must be (bar not having a second income) because there is just nobody around to help.
  • Every time you see a branded truck on the road you rubber neck to check if your husband is driving it.
  • You are now expected to cook every day for the first time in 15 years and have no idea what you are doing.
  • You marvel at your husband’s ability to work a 22 hour shift and still have the energy to take care of (and request to take care of) husbandly duties.
  • You are grateful that your husband is safe every time he sets foot in the front door.
  • You are so exhausted from trying to keep all the balls in the air by yourself that you are not ashamed when you fall asleep with the children at 8 PM.
  • Your bed now hosts the entire family since there is often a big blank spot where your husband used to be.
  • You’ve seen (photos of) the inside of a truck for the first time in your life and wonder if you need a pilot’s license to be able to drive it.
  • You know what a splitter box is (this truck driver blog explains it, good luck understanding it!)
  • Your husband can quote the Fast & Furious movie in all seriousness by saying “I live my life a quarter mile at a time”, because he never knows what’s around the corner and whether he is going to make it o.O

I hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly enjoyed the original* 🙂





*I was inspired by a funny post on Cindy’s blog to write this. You can read her post about being in a relationship with an architect by clicking here.