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Hoo Hoo!

How about another nude and neon mani? How about we throw some texture and a decal in there? Yes! Yeah ok. I don’t know how to introduce these posts very well. I ordered decals from luckystarstyle a while ago while trying to get my hands on Superman decals for Elijah’s birthday.  One of the decals I ordered was an owl. They had them in different colours, but I decided to order the brown one because it was more…”realistic”. You know, like my shocking pink leopard print is “realistic”. Wah. I also recently acquired the L.A. Girl nude texture called Sandstorm. I thought I could pull off a ‘woodsy’ mani with the owl, the texture and a green. I only have a dark, glittery green and a neon green. The neon won.


I started with a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. I painted three coats of China Glaze Highlight of My Summer on my thumb, middle and ring nails. On my index and pinky I painted two coats of L.A. Girl Sandstorm. Once my nails were dry I added the owl decal on my middle nail and painted a top coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri on my green nails. The results:





Cute, right? I have complained in the past about the drying time of the L.A. Girl textures. I have  the gold Sands of Time texture and the green one called Green Sand. I have linked to the posts where I used those polishes. This one was completely different! It dried just as well as my China Glaze textures. I was very happy with that. When I spoke to Ordinary Misfit about this she agreed that her green and gold L.A. girl textures took longer to dry than the nude and purple (I have yet to try my purple). I’m not sure why that is, I’m just glad that this one dried better. I actually really adore this nude texture. The colour is superb and the texture is nice and rough. I can see myself wearing it as a full mani.


What do you think? Do you like these colours together?