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Help me choose my tattoo!

So I’ve decided to follow Angel‘s advice and am rather having my tattoo done in English as I could never really tell what was being permanently etched onto my skin in a foreign script. After googling ‘James’ in Chinese lettering I found symbols completely different from the ones we saw at the tattoo parlour. Rather safe than sorry!

So I received an e-mail from SAMoms (a Yahoo group I am part of) which led me to this site which has endless fonts for tattoos. I have chosen three fonts which I like, but haven’t settled on a particular one. Help me choose! The size varies in these pics, but the website allows you to enlarge the fonts as well. Drop me a comment and tell me which one you like!


Although this is not a democracy, I’m sure I could be swayed by number of votes to get a certain one. So send your friends here to choose their favourite too and drop me a comment!

I’ve been booked off sick today. I was feeling terrible yesterday and made an appointment to see the doctor after work. I went to see a new doctor since my regular GP was away. He was SUCH a nice man. Very personable, polite and friendly. I might even go to him again. He says I am developing flu, but don’t need to worry about menangitis or anything serious. He gave me some medicine for my symptoms, booked me off for today and sent me on my merry way. I feel a little worse today, but the medicine is helping. It always gets worse before it gets better hey. The doctor gave me something called Empacod, the pharmacist said ‘This has Codeine in it, so it will make you feel lekker (nice)’. I usually take Adcodol so I’m familiar with Codeine and it’s never really done anything for me, but these tablets have given me a *slight* buzz. Nice.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. I hope my hairdresser can even out the colour and give me a nice cut. I’m in the mood for a new style…but still don’t want to lose my length. Will chat to her about some bangs or a fringe or something. I’m very nervous to get a fringe – it’s really high maintenance to make sure it always looks good. I think I could handle bangs, you can always stick them behind your ears if they get in the way.

We have guests coming over for a braai (BBQ) tonight and Rudi has left the house in a glorious mess, so even though I’m sick I still have to clean. Ugh.

Now don’t forget to comment and tell me which tattoo you like!