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Help is scheduled to arrive!

So we’ll finally be getting help on Saturday. We’ve lasted since mid January though and I guess that is saying something. Perhaps if our circumstances were different I would be able to help out more and things wouldn’t get so far behind that I feel I don’t want to live in my own house anymore. The house is so bad right now I want to clean before the domestic comes. Yes, that is how bad I feel it is. I cannot wait to get rid of the burden that is housework! Whether or not we will still be able to afford help once the baby comes is another story…but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


I thought the domestic would still be by the day mother when I called her, but she had already left. They made arrangements for us to pick her up at the day mother’s house at 07:30 on Saturday morning. On the one hand it is EXTREMELY early, but I’m glad she is getting an early start considering we’ll be going out later in the day.


I thought on Saturday we’d just get the very basic things done. Ironing, the bathroom and the floors. MAYBE change the bedding. Rudi wants to unpack all the kitchen cupboards and clean them out, but that is a big job and I don’t want to overwhelm the poor lady on her first day. I think we’ll do the majority of the washing for her so that she just has one or two loads to do when she comes in. Getting all the washing can be time consuming. She asks less than any of my other housekeepers did, so I guess doing that is a small price to pay. I really cannot wait till she comes on Saturday. I will hopefully still be sleeping when she arrives. Rudi will be picking her up.


I have an optometrist appointment at 09:30 and a funeral at 10:00. After that I need to go to the traffic department to have my driver’s license renewed. Bleugh. New photos. Pregnancy acne and all. After typing that I decided to check how much it costs and where would be best to got. What a nightmare! I can’t get through to anyone via phone. The closest office to my house only does renewals Monday to Friday 07:30 – 12:00, so I’d have to take leave. I eventually found a one close to work, but they also only operate till 11:00 on a Saturday and since I am working next Saturday I won’t be able to make it till 3 weeks from now. My license expires on the 17th of July. It’s not like I drive a lot, so I don’t really *NEED* it urgently, but I wouldn’t want to drive without one.


This weekend is going to be crazy busy.


Other than that the pregnancy seems to be going well. I’m 11 weeks today. Only one more week until I am through the first trimester! The Thursday after next is our fetal assessment where we get to see our baby and check everything is okay. We may even get to peek at the gender! It is all so very exciting 🙂