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Haircut Hell

On Saturday we took Babyice to have his haircut. I anticipated him being a difficult customer, but I could not imagine the drama he would cause. By the end of it I was almost in tears. We took him in and we announced ourselves at reception. When we wanted to head to a station for him to sit down he refused to budge. We eventually got him to budge and then tried to convince him to sit in the chair. He refused. When Rudi tried to pick him up, kicking and screaming ensued. We then put a movie on for him on the little screens each station has, he wouldn’t watch it. Each time he saw the woman that was meant to cut his hair he freaked out. We spent almost an entire hour there, letting him play, blow bubbles and trying to get him comfortable. We pointed out the other kids getting their hair cut. Another stylist showed him hair spray and shook the bottle and said he could play with that while they cut his hair. There was just NO convincing him to sit in the chair or even on daddy’s lap. Nothing we said or did helped. Eventually I said we should just throw in the towel and leave. He didn’t want to leave. We left anyway. He then proceeded to throw a tantrum outside because he wants a hair cut. So we turned around and took him back with the same result. This process was repeated about three times before we took him to the car and let him get it out of his system. At this point all the kicking, screaming and embarrassment had taken its toll and I wanted to cry. I can’t even say if it was hormones or not. I might have cried anyway. I didn’t, but I really, really wanted to. His hair is too long now. I don’t want to let it grow long. He already has a ‘rat tail’ at the back.  It looks so untidy. I wish he would just let us cut it. I’ve considered sedating him, but I’m not sure what exactly would work. I’m desperate, okay?!








He has been very different the last few days. Lots and lots of tantrums. Wants daddy ALL the time. I was reading Louisa’s blog this morning (led there by her cousin,  Arkwife, after some discussion) and I wonder if it isn’t a quality time issue like she had with her daughter.It would certainly make sense. When we get home at night we delve straight into our evening routine of cooking, cleaning, etc. I’ve briefly chatted with Rudi about it and told him we need to make an effort to give him some one on one attention when we get home so that he doesn’t feel neglected. We’re going to have to play this attention game really carefully once PrincessIce arrived. I don’t want my baby to feel neglected or sad. I worry about this. I’m sure all moms having a second baby do.



I am on leave for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and after that I’m going to have my hair done. Thursday and Friday I plan to do as little as possible and rest as much as I can. I worked the weekend past and am really pooped. In case you didn’t know, when we work a weekend we work 12 consecutive days and then only get a weekend off. I’m having with that and the fatigue of late so I tend to take leave in the second week just to recover.




I’m very excited about Saturday. On Saturday I’ll be attending the Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Masterclass. It’s going to be a pamper day of note and I’m sure I’m going to pick up a few tips on how to dress and make up application. I’ve been following the tweets from the previous day held in Johannesburg and Durban. I just hope they have some virgin Cosmos for me! I’ll most certainly blog about the event 🙂